Paracord Bracelets

purple&yellowAre you interested in a purchasing a paracord bracelet? Do you have a favorite sports team that you want to support? Do you help support and cheer for your school sports team and want a bracelet to help show that school spirit? Britney and her friends LOVE making these bracelets and want to make one for YOU!!

All bracelets are measured personally for YOU. All bracelets are very strong and will last an extremely long time. The girls are asking for a $5 donation for each bracelet.

If you’re interested in a bracelet that is already made, please email us and ask what colored bracelets we have made already so you don’t have to wait!

If you want to choose your own color, here’s how:

blue purple

Email Britney the following information:

1. Pick two colors from the choices below per bracelet.
2. Measure your wrist – how long you want the bracelet to be.
3. Your name and address.

Within 24 hours, Britney or I will email you back with more information.

The following colors are available to choose from:

IMG_20131012_134921_891[1]Please pass this information along. Britney is very determined to raise money in honor of her brother – more now, than ever before! She has the support from very good friends who are more than willing to help her keep up with YOUR custom orders!

All funds raised from this fundraiser will go back to Chromosome 18.



  1. Tucker lee

    Tucker’s favorite season is mud season lol that’s what he said! He wants green and black and his wrist is tiny like yours Brit 😉 ❤

    • It’s on the list Tucker! She’ll get it done soon and send it out to you. THANK YOU!

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