Brainstorm Walk for Epilepsy

Walking for Ryan!



In the middle of September 2010, just before Ryan’s 2nd birthday, he had brain surgery – a Chiari Decompression. Four days after surgery, while in the EMU (Epilepsy Monitoring Unit), he had his first seizure, was transferred to the PICU and stayed an additional few days after being monitored on anti-seizure medication.

A few months later, Ryan was back in the hospital due to another seizure where they diagnosed him with Epilepsy.

Since then, at 3 years old, Ryan has had multiple febrile seizures with many medication increases, and an accumulation of MRI’s. He has MTS (Mesial Temporal Sclerosis) on the left side of his left brain. He’s not saying words, but makes lots of sounds!!

Ryan is first and foremost a happy little boy with an amazingly proud big sister named Britney who he has been known to call “Nee Nee” at times. He has a Chromosome 18 abnormality, hypotonia, a global developmental delay, along with many other little quirks. He attends daycare and a special needs school during the week where he sees PT, OT and speech, gets his social interaction with other children, and has a great time!


We’re raising money in honor of our Ryan!!


Please help us by donating!


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