Webkinz Funding

Last year during the holiday season, I purchased a few boxes of Webkinz – Britney and I have given them to friends and family for their birthdays or when they need a little pick me up.

These fun little stuffed animals come with a code on their tag attached to one of their legs. Your children (with adult supervision of course) go to: http://www.webkinz.com and start their own account. In order to play in this online community, they need to have an animal with a code that has not been used yet.

Britney really got into these cute lil guys when she was 5 years old. Through the years, she has accumulated about 6 of this cute stuffed animals. She would go online and play with them. She would also play with them in her room with her friends, and snuggle at night with them. She still loves to hop online to play and she’s 11!  I think I even see her snuggling with a few now and then too!
Please take a look at the Webkinz we have below. The codes are still attached and have NOT been used or entered into the Webkinz community.

We’re asking for $5 for each Webkinz as many of these are on ebay for $7-10.

If you are interested in any of the above Webkinz, please contact me HERE!


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