Tie Blankets – Ch18

After a craft fair/School Fest we had last year at Ryan’s school, where my sister and I raised money to go towards our team (Ryan’s Rock Stars) for the Epilepsy walk in Milwaukee, a great friend of mine took it in her own hands and made a ton of tie blankets with all sorts of designs and sizes. I can’t believe her dedication and willingness to help. She is so much appreciated! I’m so blessed to have her in my kids and my life. She’s amazing and I hope she knows and realizes how very grateful we are to have her apart of our lives!

All donations/monies towards the tie blankets will be used towards our 2013 Chromosome 18 Conference Fundraiser.

Please take a look at the pictures below (it’s best to click on one and scroll through the pictures that way.)
We took a picture of each pattern. The sizes of each blanket is in the bottom right corner of the pictures..
Suggested donation’s are $25 or less – depending on sizes. Let me know which pattern and size you’re interested in, and I can give you more information! Contact me HERE!!

These will make the perfect Christmas gift or new baby gift!



  1. Krissie

    Are most of the blankets $25, or is that just the upper end? What is the average?

    • Yes…$25 is the suggested donation of the larger blankets. Average suggested donation is $15 due to their size. 🙂

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