Change is Good!

Recently, I read an inspirational article all about change. I loved what the writer said about why change is good. I dealt with a lot of change from three years ago to now… With moving back to be around my supportive family, realizing my marriage had failed, and FINALLY finding out about Ryan’s diagnosis when he was 15 months old. The truth is, we each continue to go through change on a daily basis in this house.

So this is what I took about my own life from the article I read:

Change is good…Be Flexible.
I’m a planner and sometimes feel the need to control things that I plan in my life… I get this from my mother. (Thanks mom!) These are only a few of my struggles and some may see or call them flaws. It’s me. I’m learning each and everyday to be ok with them; struggles or flaws, it doesn’t matter!
For the most part, when it comes to Ryan and handling the things I need to with him (his doctor appointments, therapy, IEP’s, school, seizures at any moment really) I have learned how to be more flexible. I face that change is going to happen. It may take longer to get to and from one end of the hospital doors to the lab. It could take Ryan an hour to eat everything he wants to at lunch or dinner. I have learned to embrace it and be flexible.
(Now…to be more flexible with other aspects of my life.)
Because of change, I am flexible!

Change is good…Be Smart.
I used to regret things I either decided to do, or that happened in my life. Since there has been so much change in my life, I’ve learned not to regret because it’s made me smart!
If I regret what has happened in my life because of my decisions, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Everyone makes mistakes, but the smart ones learn from them.
I’ve made some big decisions, and with those have been able to work on my independence that I didn’t think I had since my first year of college. If I didn’t take that weekend in March of 2010 to be apart of an amazing organization and meet some of the strongest women I know. I learned just how smart I am that weekend and I continue to learn every day how my decisions and the consequences have changed me.
Because of change, I am smart!

Change is good…Believe it’s Possible.
I look back at how much I knew about Ryan’s abnormality when he was a year old (nothing) and I look at what I know now (Enough to get by.). I also look at the way my life is now and know that change is good – sometimes difficult, but overall, GOOD!
Believing in possible is hard for some, and after Ryan was born, everything seemed impossible. I had been hospitalized for 2 weeks with extra surgeries. I didn’t get to see my daughter but maybe once a day (if at all) for an hour max. My baby boy was in the hospital when I was going home. I was very depressed and didn’t believe in possible.
While Ryan grew and we saw professionals after the diagnosis, some mentioned how Ryan may never talk. He may always need assistance with sitting up. He may always crawl and we never thought he would walk. But after his Chiari in 9/2010 – Ryan was changing. He gained his balance. He started sitting up on his own and went from army crawling to getting up on all 4’s and crawling! He started to cruise around furniture even!
Two weeks after we were in the hospital (8/12) for what ended up being a medication change for his seizures – Ryan started walking without holding onto anything! A month before he turned 4 and he started walking.
Nothing stays the same forever. Change takes time. It takes strength, courage, and dedication.
Because of change, I believe… because anything is possible.


Change is all about our first fundraiser for our trip to our first (of many – I hope!) Chromosome 18 Conferences.

My family and I will be handing out a container of mini M&M’s with the following directions are on it:


Please help change our lives to learn more
at the 20th Chromosome 18 Conference
in Savannah, GA in July 2013!

* Eat the M&M’s in this container.
* When the M&M’s are completely gone,
please refill the container with

quarters or whatever you are able to give,
no matter how big or small, and return it to us!

Please help us make CHANGE matter!

I understand some containers will come back with all quarters, some with random change, maybe some with bills, and some won’t come back all! And that’s all ok! I want to welcome all of it!

Please contact me if you are local and would like some M&M’s to help us raise money or if you feel it in your heart to help with this change!

If you would like to give through paypal – Donations will be accepted there through

If you’d be interested in sending a check or money order, please email me here and I will email you how you can do that.

If you’re unable to give monetarily, I understand. By you following our journey and caring enough about us is enough. If you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers, that would be greatly appreciated!

Remember: Change is good!


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