10 things


We’re in the hospital again. Three seizures in two weeks – a hospitalization on the frontend and backside of those 2 weeks. Not fun. But I have to see the humor and light in it all, whether I want to or not.

So I came up with these 10 things you know you’ve been in and out of the hospital too much because…

These things have happened all to us in the last 2 weeks.

1. You run into nurses in the cafe that you haven’t seen in months getting a Minty Mocha (Heaven in your mouth!) and they still know your children’s names, Ryans history, they ask about his sister, and about the boyfriend (who is now the husband).

2. In turn, you ask about their families, the change of nurses on the floor, and are offered to choose who you want to take care of your baby boy for the next shift.

3. The neuro on call, calls from home (or an undisclosed area of the hospital) to the nurses desk to not talk to a nurse, but to talk to YOU – the parent.

4. Said neuro on call sees you 2 weeks later admitted again and gives you a hug…feeling empathetic for yet another admission because of yet another seizure.

5. ER nurses remember the 5, now 6 year old flirt who knows exactly how to wrap them around each of his fingers….with just his smile and awesome personality.

6. The CT tech remembers what trouble we had a year ago without sedation and knows what will work to keep the handsome sleeping boy asleep. [Warm blankets!]

7. You take advantage of a 30 minute break while someone else sits to play, read, or just be with your son… and you get outside of the hospital for some fresh air and some mind clearing from the, at many times – stress. You end up taking a walk and realize when someone stops you for directions, you have walked the path around the campus so much, even with the current construction, you know the way they need to go….and are glad for the ability to help.

8. The nurses know every morning they come in for vitals, you’re going to take advantage of that time to either take a 2 minute shower – receiving 6 towels (4 for the floor since the drain is higher than the floor), brush your teeth and get ready for the day – or run downstairs for a Minty Mocha. [Depending on the night you’ve had.]

9. You’re now a patient of an amazing chiropractor. [Darn hospital beds, stress, and past car accidents!]

10. You miss and yet are thankful for how awesome it was and for the time had when said son was seizure free…


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