Hearing Aid update

IMG_20140616_165141_250[1]I received a call a week ago from the audiologist that the hearing aide for Ryan’s left ear was denied by insurance. Since then, I’ve been working on getting paperwork together to appeal the decision. Hopefully they will change their mind on the initial decision…and approve it after all. We’ll see! It could take 30-days from the time of appeal for their decision to be changed and I’m hoping it will be approved sooner than that as the molding is already complete. If we were to pay out of pocket for this, it would be over $1,500! Not pocket change by any means.

I’ve been in contact with the insurance company almost daily now, for different reasons, so what’s another few calls about the appeal? 🙂

In other news, Ryan has been doing amazing and his verbalizations, babbles, and the way he will tell stories and communicate with us has done nothing but get better since his adenoids were removed. He isn’t drooling nearly as much as he was before surgery either. He is more alert and seems to be excelling all around. I’m in awe of his progress and the little character he has become.

IMG_20140702_113014_147[1]Just 3 months ago, lying on his belly on the swing at therapy, he would have ended up with a puddle of saliva under him or on the puzzle he’s doing…but this picture was taken just this last week at therapy and he didn’t drool once!

We’ve also been working on writing his name and its been awesome to see that progress. He doesn’t yet seem to understand the difference between writing, coloring, scribbling, and doodling….but we’re getting there. He enters kindergarten in the fall, and I’m positive he will come out of his first year of all day school knowing how to write his name. And with Britney’s daily help through her playing with Ryan, he will surpass this goal within the first few months of the school year.

IMG_20140702_115737_007[1]Already, he’s pointing to letters as we ask him to. Especially an R, Y, A, or N. 🙂

I am blown away by the progress he has made since double brain surgery over 6 months ago. He has exceeded any expectation I ever had, knowing there is a part of his brain, just not there any longer.

He’s continuing to make me one proud mama and I thank YOU!! — Those in our lives for your continued support. It definitely doesn’t go unnoticed and will never be forgotten. Thank you!!


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