Tubes – Adenoids – ABR

IMG_20140606_084543_588[1]Another surgery in the books. Another dose of anesthesia giving Ryan a hard time.

We thank you all so much for your prayers!!

Let’s get right to it:
There was a lot of fluid in Ryans ears that needed to be sucked out but once that was done they started on why we were here.
Adenoids were big and removed.
Tubes went in and everything was ready for the audiologist to do her work on the ABR (hearing test while he’s still out) The ABR took about an hour alone.

We had the results from the ABR right away which was awesome not having to wait —IMG_20140606_084629_142[1]
Ryans right ear looks really good. There were some questions if he was hearing the lowest frequency she tested, but after another check (a different way) she found Ryan was able to hear that low frequency but the tube was minimizing that a little. Once his right ear heals, it will be no issue at all!

The left ear is a different story.
Ryan will need a hearing aid on the left side. He has permanent hearing loss of low to mid pitches in his left ear. So he doesn’t year surround sound or in stereo like us. He can’t hear the ‘th’ in with or the ‘f’ sound in puff….with the aids, however, it will help him all around. So in about a month (hopefully sooner) we’ll have a hearing aid molded and ready to go for him.

IMG_20140606_091620_878[1]I had a lot of questions for the audiologist about the aids. Were the aids like grandma and grandpa used to wear? How would he be able to control the volume? How would I know if the battery is dead? What if he takes it off and it’s gone? Lost?
With LOTS of patience, she answered my questions with grace. Oye. I’m so thankful for patience and the knowledge from the professionals put in our life within Ryan’s care.

IMG_20140606_130732_469[1]The hearing aids for kids are digital. They will automatically change for the type of environment Ryan is in. If he’s in a room with one person talking, the aid will turn up on its own. If its loud, the aid turns off by itself. There are LED lights that blink on the back of the aid and there are different patterns for whats going on with it – battery, turned off, etc. Pretty nifty if you ask me. 🙂

Ryan was in day surgery recovery for good portion of the day, and seemed to really be perking up. After a popsicle, he was ready to head out and home. Half way home, he puked and lost everything in his poor little belly. Knowing Ryan has vomited on the way home after surgeries previously, I cleaned him up quick and we were back on our way.

IMG_20140606_190202_172[1]We got home and by recommendation of the nurses, gave him another dose of his anti-nausea med and tried something small and easy on the tummy. After half a cup of apple sauce, one of his anti-seizure meds, and 2 hours later, he was vomiting again. I called the ENT doc on call and he suggested small 1ounce liquid every 15 minutes. We did that for an hour and a half, but Ryan didn’t even want to drink anything.

My sister was over and spent some good snuggle time with Ryan. We’re so lucky to have people in our lives that help us when we need them most. Having her here allowed me to get Ryan cleaned up and comfy. Poor guy was not only tired now from surgery and vomiting but it was now time for bed.

IMG_20140606_201225_803[1]At bedtime, I gave Ryan one of his anti-seizure meds, he told us ‘nigh nigh’ for the first time in a way we could actually understand him, and he was on his way to dream land….or so I thought. HE SAID SOMETHING WE UNDERSTOOD!!! Was the fluid in his ears blocking that much, and were these tubes and the adenoid removal helping already!?! Praise God!

About 20 minutes after he laid down, he was whining from his bed. I went in and he had thrown his medication up along with the rest of what was in his belly. I called the ENT on call again and told him we were coming in as Ryan was not able to keep anything down all evening.

IMG_20140607_240628_625[1]By 925pm, we were headed on our way back to Children’s.

Arriving with a full parking lot, full waiting room, and line just to get signed in, I was pretty worried we would be spending some time in the waiting room before being seen. Thankfully, the woman who signed us on got us right back to triage and things happened really quick (well — that’s what it seemed!!)!

Ryan was doing pretty good and at this point was just tired. With the many nurses and doctors checking in on us, he didn’t get to do much napping but he did get his flirting in!! He even leaned over to kiss the female ER doc. (Note to self: we need to work harder at teaching him to close his mouth when he kisses!)

IMG_20140607_130252_029[1]They started an IV and we were admitted for a night of fluids and to be sure his anti-seizure meds could be given via IV and he would stop vomiting. After the meds were through the IV, we were admitted to the hospital and up to the tenth floor we went. The highest room we’ve had yet!

IMG_20140607_085202_568[1]We were settled and finally by 2:30am we had lights out and were out for the night. By 6:30am, Ryan was awake and uncomfortable in a very wet diaper, pants and sheet under him. He was definitely hydrated, now!! The ENT doc came in to check on us and tell us that as long as Ryan could keep drink, eat, and keep it all down, we could go home. The biggest and most important was his anti-seizure meds. He’d get his regular dose of meds at 8am, and once he got his noon dose we would know for sure if he would be able to keep things down himself.

The doc also assured me this as very common for kiddos when anesthesia was involved. The gases and all the meds get a kids body all out of whack and with too much, makes the poor kiddos sick. Likely, this is what happened with Ryan.IMG_20140607_110057_668[1]

After breakfast, many diaper changes, and a short off and on 2 hour nap, Ryan got his medication at noon and we were outta there by 115pm.

As soon as we returned home, he was definitely back to himself, as the first place he wanted to be was in the bin he eyed as soon as we walked in the door.

His recovery from the surgery consists of ear drops (which he absolutely despises), Tylenol for any pain, his breath smells horribly of dead fish, his nose runs and is nasty all over his face in the morning, he’s turned into a pretty picky eater and drinker, and last night he was tired but didn’t go to bed until almost 10pm. He wants to drink and eat only cold things, which makes sense if there is irritation in his mouth/throat from the adenoid removal. IMG_20140607_135504_280[1]Making up his own bedtime at 10pm last night was probably due to the craziness of the weekend and not getting to bed until 230am on Saturday morning. Who knows? Could be the age of him testing this mama to see how far she can go, too. Silly boy… *sigh* (I’m tired!)

I’m glad this recovery is nothing like brain surgery and I’m very glad to be out of the woods of dehydration. He’s keeping food, liquid, and his medications down, and we’re on the road to recovery once again. Next time, I’ll know to wait at least 8 hours after waking from surgery before we make the decision of heading for home or staying for the night. Darn anesthesia. So glad we have answers for his ears and that he is starting to verbalize words we understand. I can’t wait what the next few months brings!!

Thank you, all, for caring and praying for Ryan over the last few days. 🙂 Your support means a LOT to us!


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