6th surgery before his 6th?

wpid-img_20140603_192050_756-1.jpgWith the diagnosis of a Chromosome 18 abnormality, I honestly thought we’d be at Children’s Hospital more often than we are…and we’re there a LOT! But compared to what it could be, we’re pretty lucky!

Ryan has endured 5 surgeries.

An Orchiopexy.
Bilateral myringotomy and tubes.
3 brain surgeries — Left temporal lobectomy (2 phases) and The Chiariwpid-img_20140603_192821_124.jpg

He’ll turn 6 the end of September — after the latest ENT appointment and hearing test, he again, has fluid built up in his ears and will be headed in for his 6th surgery this week. He’ll have his adenoids removed, get more tubes, and they’ll conduct an ABR – 3 surgeries in 1!

I received the phone call earlier this week to discuss what to expect. He’ll have the room for the night, just in case he needs to be admitted. wpid-img_20140603_192819_151.jpgIt’s not guaranteed we’ll be there overnight, but it’s easier for the hospital to put Ryan’s name on it now than to hope we get it that day if it’s needed.

This poor boy has been through SO much. I’m praying he doesn’t totally freak out when he realizes he’s going back for more surgeries and his mama will be left behind in the waiting room for him, until he’s done. And maybe I’m over thinking it all and he’ll breeze through it as he has in the past 5 surgeries…?

Regardless, please keep Ryan in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your support, prayers, and always caring for us. 🙂



  1. grammapeg54@gmail.com

    Dearest Robin-
    Ryan looks FABULOUS in these pics. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he picked you to be Ryan’s Mom. You are awesome and covered in prayer.

    • Thank you Mama J! ❤ Love you guys!

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