Brain Surgery – Recovery Begins

Before leaving the hospital, Ryan was evaluated by the PT and OT to receive outside services to help recuperate. I was able to get an approval from our insurance company that is less than a mile away from our house that treats children specifically. There is a co-pay everytime, but it’s worth it as it helps Ryan grow and learn and expand the way he knows his body.


December 28:

1510544_10153694210235492_1467248010_nUp and playing….medications aren’t messing so much with him this morning but he has lots of new toys to entertain him.
Praying his medications all even out very soon so we can sleep at night….wasn’t a restful night for mommy or Ryan!

Ryan has been pretty wobbly and needs to learn how to walk all over again. It’s been a challenge to continue to remind him to crawl, as he wants so badly to walk as he once was able to. Even his crawling is a bit wobbly at times. Keeping an eye on him and making sure the rest of the house can continue to operate is my challenge lately.

Seems as long as he has a full tummy, he’s a happy camper! Love having him and Brit home together. She’s such a big help!
I’m so blessed!


December 29:

We’ve had a bunch of close friends visit and it’s such a blessing to have them in our lives. For times when we’ve really needed them for support, a breath of fresh air, and they also love hanging with my kiddos which makes it a win-win situation. So thankful for amazing people in our lives to make doing life together that much easier!

December 30: 

994408_10153702319320492_666222295_nSee the smiley face??!! He did it. All. By. Him. Self. I helped with a smile.

And people were worried about how he’d be after surgery? God is so good!! No worry here. God had this plan from the beginning. It only took trust…

And yes – we’re still wearing Packer gear today. No we don’t plan on changing til bedtime. Yes we are that hardcore.  

December 31:

1528723_10153705606475492_1357604701_nNap time!!! For the first time this week he laid down to watch a movie and is napping for longer than 20 minutes! Thanking God we have a new bridge medication instead of the other one.
Ryan is able to sleep and peacefully…let’s see if we get an hour nap in!

**Chances are I send this status and he wakes up…**

Ryan is really gaining his strength back. He’s tired easily, but with the new medications, it causes some anxiety and hyperactivity. We’re going to check school out this week, to see how it goes and how much he can handle!

1489142_10153706590075492_1257612451_nHappy smiles all around on this last day of 2013!
Here’s to you – for supporting my kids and I the last year. For loving and caring for us. Thank you!
Here’s to Britney – who teaches me something new about myself, life, and/or both each and everyday. You make me so proud and I am so blessed to be your mom, Boo! You have the heart of gold and mine is full of love you show to so many.
Here’s to Ryan – for being given the best and most amazing miracle of the year in the last 3-weeks – a life ahead being seizure free!! Wow have I learned a lot in your small life so far you rockstar you! Keep fighting lil man! You’re amazing!
Here’s to my family – Pam, Katie, Abby – Thank you for always being apart of my kids and my lives, for supporting us! Our time together as a family is cherished. We are blessed!
Here’s to Tim – for your understanding, support, love, kindness, help, and always kissing me goodnight. And to your boys, Timmy and Danny, for being good kids and a joy to be around. You both have amazing hearts…just like your dad!
We are truly blessed to have so many people apart of our lives this last year. Good parts of 2013 definitely out weigh the bad – and that could be because of the way we choose to look at the situations. I trust its God working in me to show my kids (and maybe others too) that God has His hand on our paths….and I trust Him through ours!

Here’s to waving 2013 good bye.
Hello to one of the best years to come!

January 1, 2014:

Whew. A day to catch up on chores around the house that haven’t been done in awhile.

January 2: Back to school!

Ryan and I spent the morning in his classroom to see how he would do returning to school (discharged from the hospital on Friday they said he’d be ok for school on MONDAY – if they had school! Unreal!!). He did AMAZING! But he was ready to fall asleep in class before school was out…so we gathered all of his Christmas items from class and I brought him home an hour early.
He’s now going through his school bag, ripping open the gifts and eating all of the candy! I thought I got all of the candy after he found one piece…he keeps finding more!

January 5: GO PACK GO!

January 7: Walking!

994402_10153731347085492_630368509_nWhatcha doin’? Ohhh nothing…
Just WALKING almost as good as I was before 2 brain surgeries in the last month!!
Balance and stability needs some work but this boy is full of AWESOME SAUCE!
Praising God for His strength, grace, amazing patience, and so thankful for how awesome He has bounced my little dude back from all he’s been through in the last month! Thank you God!!

January 8: Snow days Inc.

After double brain surgery and TOO MANY snow days, this lil man is ready to get out of the house and get his little hiney back to school. His temper has grown and this mama needs a break.

January 12: 

Losing your balance after brain surgery is common. Having someone there 24/7/365 to catch you is needed, but sometimes not possible. And Ryan doesn’t always get his arms and hands around fast enough to catch himself. Thats what happened tonight. He lost his balance after stepping over something and bonked his head…because I’m one of “those” mom’s, I called the neuro on call, who happened to be one of the residents we saw throughout Ryan’s surgery and recovery. He highly recommended we go to the hospital.

I wrote this that night:

Thank you for your continued prayers. We’re at Childrens in ICU for the night.
Ryan fell this evening. I called the on call neuro when I noticed a few things out of the ordinary and with her concerned of a possible brain bleed, we rushed to the local ER right away for a CT. Ryan is used to being sedated for all imaging so being wide awake, he was not happy!! Blessed, our neurosurg is on call this week and he told the ER doc they will NOT be sedating him as he did not want that…but if he had to be sedated for it, Children’s would do it. We were transported to Childrens with sirens and speedy fast…I made sure of it!!
After some meds that were supposed to take 5 minutes to work and knock him out took 40 minutes along with an extra small dose, he was out for the pictures of his little brain.
Right away, the ER doc said he didn’t see anything that seemed alarming…but he’s not a radiologist or neurosurg. Later the results from radiology said there was something in the frontal lobe and they were concerned. Neurosurg was less concerned about it….so just in case, we’re in the ICU for safe measures.
They can’t be sure the fall tonight caused this bleeding…

Please keep Ryan and his brain docs etc in your prayers. Help them with the answers.
Please keep amazing and super caring and worried Britney in your thoughts and prayers. Give her peace knowing she is amazing and Jesus died for her too!!
And please also keep me in your prayers for peace, strength and the wisdom as Ryans advocate…
Thank you lord for your grace – as its definitely not deserved. It is such a blessing and an honor to be my kids advocate…!!
Thank you!!

January 13:

1560674_10153752590810492_532150560_nNeurosurg was in. He is not concerned of a bleed having to do with Ryan’s fall last night. He thinks anything the radiologist saw is from surgery. No new fluid or bleeding to be of concern right now. We will keep an eye on it and be here for more imaging in a month to be sure.
Until then, today, we’ll move to the EMU and get Ryan walking around to see how he’s doing with his strength and muscles. (We can’t in the ICU as he has to be hooked up to so much!)
Currently, God has placed Aunt Abby here on her day off. So thankful for her patience and fun loving attitude regardless of how much she slept last night …because I’m going on 3 hours of broken sleep! Hah!!
Thank you so much for continued prayers and support. I have the best and most amazing support system ever!!!


1525760_10153753924650492_876200541_n“I wanna go home!!”
Ryan has shown and proven he is ready to go and is as healthy as they come. We’ll be discharged and headed home very soon. Yay!!!

Thank you all again for your thoughts prayers and support!! So needed and appreciated.


January 14: 

As of 7pm last night – we’re home!
Ryan is doing good and was so glad to have snuggled with Britney last night. It’s always nice to be home and sleep in our beds again with extra snuggles and love. Back to the grind today – he’s back to school and daycare!
Thank you all again for your prayers, messages, support, and care for my boy! He continues to amaze me!




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