Surgery Day 1-5

image December 9, 2013: I got up and saw my beautiful Britney in her blue Ryans Rockstar shirt, and blue paracord bracelet. Hugged and kissed her and out the door for school she went. A tough day she was going to have too. Her teachers were all aware of what was going on, and encouraged her to bring her phone with her to school for text updates from her dad and I. By 8am, she was already texting me asking what was going on…Ryan and I were only just leaving the house to head to the hospital. This was going to be a long day for her!! image We got to the hospital and all checked in. We discussed everything we needed to know about anesthesia, pain meds, what they planned to do, the length of the procedure (3-4 hours), asked how often we wanted to be in touch with the nurse in the OR, asked if we had any questions, and with that, Ryan was set to head back for surgery. Ryan had the honor of wearing a special friends hospital gown that was made for her when she needed surgery months before and again just last week (bless her amazing heart and soul!!) He wore that gown loud and proud – and all of the nurses and doctors loved it as it applies so well to the awesome sauce of kid filling it! I ended up keeping a pretty good tally of what went on throughout the day via Facebook status updates…

1130am: Ryan will be in surgery for the next few hours….longer than expected as the picc line took awhile longer than they thought. He was in great spirits before anesthesia whisked him away a few hours ago.

330pm: They’re closing and will be done in the next hour…steady hands led by God – be strong, hold tight, and keep Ryan safe, healthy, and proving the professionals wrong!

5pm: Ryan’s out and in ICU waiting to hear our voices again. We will see him again soon. He looked good and they said he did well. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and all of your blue posted on my wall today!!! We are so grateful and amazed with all of your support and love. Thank you!!

image1130pm: This has been one hell of a day. **please read this the whole way through**

Thank you all for all of your blue love today! Please keep posting your pictures all week!!! We love seeing them! I wore the armor of God, had a reminder in my pocket all day that I am NOT alone, a waiting room full of support and wonderful people taking care of me. All. Day. Long. I am in awe of Gods love all day and my little reminders to pray and be thankful for Him easing my nerves until it was OK to release them. This is the plan: Phase 1 was today. Ryan has strips on his brain. This is much like an eeg however they are INSIDE his skull and directly on his brain. We want him to seize multiple times right now so the doctors know exactly were he is seizing. (Regular EEGs only give an estimated area where the seizures are coming from but not exact.) Once they have seen enough information, they will discuss with Ryan’s dad and I about what to do next and where to go. Phase two will be another surgery- Just take the scarring (MTS) effected area? Take the seizing areas too? That will all be discussed when these strips show us answers. Please pray for multiple answers in the same area of the brain instead of multiple areas of Ryan’s brain. We need it narrowed down, and I’m praying its in just one area rather than multiple! Thank you thank you thank you!! Please keep praying for us all in Ryans life. God has miracles to accomplish with my Ryan. He continues to work through Ryan and man am I learning so much along the way! I will leave you with a picture of my boy before I left him to sleep tonight. He’s amazing!!! Now I will join him in dream land. Blessing to you all! With that, I left Ryan with his dad and I headed home to be with my girl. I was exhausted…so tired from the emotional mentally draining day. Looking back now, it all seemed a blur and if it weren’t for Facebook, I don’t know that I would have kept as close to a journal as I had for everyone to be updated. So I’ll leave you with the status updates!! December 10: Abby visited: we had an amazing visit. Ryan wasn’t able to keep much down and he spent another night in ICU so he was kept a closer eye on just in case.

1021pm Well… I broke the bed…or couch…or whatever you want to call it – I was supposed to sleep on tonight in the hospital with Ryan. I guess it’s not time for an update about Ryan today! Hang tight…it’s coming. But I need to sit down first! I’ll have a bed/couch/whatever you wanna call it – made up soon. Just waiting on maintenance – they put an “emergency order” in.

image image

133am: Decent day today. Ryan looks good but has been pretty lethargic and slow. His dad hit the button twice last night and we found out later they were 30second seizures! He had an MRI right away this morning and things look good from that. He is much more aware of his pain level and its all about controlling it and staying on top of it now. He has not eaten but is still on the drip, antibiotics (half of his skull was removed for the grids to be placed! They hope to catch an infection before it happens…if there is one) pain meds and anti nausea still. His foley was taken out today and thank goodness for that! Ryan had a special visitor today – Britney!!! He was kind of out of it but sure did track everything going on today in the room. He even smiled bunches today too! We got the stickers out and he was sticking them to his forehead as he does best! That’s all from me. I’m done for the night….and hope to sleep some!! Keep praying for Ryan please!! My thoughts are probably all over the board, but today was long. My family needs more prayers. God knows the details!! Thank you!!

December 11:

5am: Good morning friends!! We’re awake and a bit swollen today. Prayers for pain management and a move out of ICU to the EMU!

image image

1029am: He’s such a good snuggler!! Ate a cracker this morning and is getting sleepy again due to his pain meds. Left eye is so puffy his eye lashes are practically buried in it all. We’ll make the move to EMU this afternoon if all is good from the docs. Waiting on rounds!


image924pm: I am in awe of the love God has given us all when we do not deserve it. I am in awe of the love my parents have shown my sisters and I, my kids and sisters kids. I am in awe of the love I have for my children and the love they show me. God is good and has all of Ryan and what is going with him. He is our Savior and amazing physician. He is working through the doctors and all of us for the best for Ryan. He is good. He is here. He surrounds me with Him so i can surround Ryan. He is my amazing God! Update on Ryan: He has finally made the move to the EMU for monitoring. The neuro has seen a total of 3 – 30 second seizures since surgery to this morning at 5am. Ryans pain management has been more difficult due to Ryan not being able to keep any solids down today (other than his breakfast cracker). Thank you ALL for your support and love and kind messages throughout the day and night. I know they are there and I will get to them in time. I promise. Please pray for a peaceful nights sleep for him, and all of us, for calm and peace throughout this very stressful time. And for my family as well as we deal with other medical ‘stuff’. Keep showing your blue!

image December 12:

344pm:We are so blessed! Someone (God’s angel) dropped something at our front door last night (while I was home with Brit) and I brought it for Ryan today – he loves the book, little snowman, and stickers the most! To that angel, thank you for putting a smile on our faces! Ryan is having a blast with the stickers and there is glitter all over him helping him shine! Update: Ryan had a rough night last night. They didn’t show any activity other than physically they are in the process currently putting the out side skull electrodes on (Like a regular EEG) and I’m grabbing a bite to eat. He is in great spirits but he has been pretty restless and won’t settle his body for the last hour. Prayers for his peace and calm but answers in the seizures we hope he starts having soon. He was smiley and giggling too! He started to babble once this morning for the first time since Monday morning before surgery. It was so good to hear his little voice but we haven’t heard it again since. It’ll come! (He’s probably in pain from the surgery when he was intibated) Thank you for your continues prayers and thoughts. Keep them coming! I’ll update again later this evening!

image Ryan and I decorated some poster board as a family friend would be putting it up on and around Britney’s school locker for her bday tomorrow! Hope she likes it!! image


December 13: Britney’s Birthday!

1039am: Happy birthday to an amazing daughter, caring and kind soul and growing beautiful young lady! Noon: Here’s my smiley guy this morning!! We’re up to 4 seizures. 3 from the scarred area (MTS area) in his brain and one 12 second from the top of his head. We had a good night last night and hoping to see more activity but the docs haven’t been in yet today….so we don’t know yet! I’ll be leaving to spend the evening/night with Britney for her 12th birthday. My boy is sure to perform on the EEG and with LOTS of small seizures from the same point soon…I’m praying for clear answers everyday! image Mailbox Explosions Birthday card explosion in our mailbox this afternoon!!! I can’t wait til Brit comes home to see THIS!! Thank you to everyone who has sent a card and will continue to support Britney in all that our awesome family is going through! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITNEY!!! (This picture doesn’t include the cards for Ryan and I as well! Thank you! Thank you!)

PS: the signs lasted enough time for Brit to get to her locker and tear them down….she was “sooooo embarrassed!!” (My baby girl is growing up too fast!!) image We had such a great time at dinner! And the girls filled their bellies full! 🙂


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