Days before surgery…

In the last few days from surgery, we’ve all had a lot of fun trying to really love on Ryan and enjoy him as much as we can before he’s is out of commission for a bunch of weeks.

I learned from his daycare teachers that he LOVES a specific activity that they do every once in awhile. So I set that up on the kitchen floor with Ryan.
Needed: bucket, water, tongs, items for in the water.

We took Saturday and skipped the Christmas parade and went to the local hotel to swim. One of Ryans favorite things to do….and even if it was a little cold, he had an absolute blast!

We went to a dinner party and I didn’t take any other pictures other than this one with his buddy and one of my great friends, Lisa. She was introducing him to a dip for the snowflake crackers he found and after that, he was in love…not only with the dip and crackers!!

His last bath before surgery HAD to include shaving cream.

Just a few more from the weekend!



He was so funny these last few days before the big day that all I was doing was taking pictures and really enjoying him and Britney. They have a special kind of bond that I do and don’t understand. Its awesome and so amazing but can be frustrating at the same time. She came up with everyone wearing blue today…the day of his big surgery. She sent out messages to her friends, I posted it on our Facebook and included pictures of Ryan. The support we have is amazing and indescribable.

Thank you for your continued support and love. For praying and adding Ryan to your prayer lists and of your prayer warrior lists. Thank you for being apart of our lives and making this easier for us to go through.
We believe this is going to help Ryan, not only within months to come but for his adolescent years and beyond. If it helps him, it will help us!!


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