How can YOU help?

fallSince we found out that Ryan is on the surgery track, I’ve had many people ask if there is anything they can do or help with. In addition to praying, I also want to answer those that have asked, or haven’t but have wondered, what YOU can do to help during our hospitalization…

1. If you see me around or pass my house, wave. Beep. Smile. Stop me and say hi. Are you a hugger? Hug me. I may not have a lot of time to talk at the time we meet, but that alone, you making me just STOP, is something I need. It will boost my spirits….that’s for sure!!

2. If you’re at Target or the Dollar Tree or any other store and you pass the dollar section where they have a pack of stickers for $1, please pick them up for Ryan. He likes the foam ones the best, and since he went through all of Child Life’s stash during our last hospitalization/long term EEG back in September, I’d rather bring our own this time….in hopes of leaving whatever he doesn’t use there for them to give to other kiddos.

3. I ask for your grace. Grace for not remembering to update you on everything happening….if you want to know, please ask me.
Grace for not remembering your birthday or anniversary or a date we made to go for coffee or lunch…remind me.
Grace for not calling you back when you call or I tell you I’ll call you back…this goes for email messages too.
Grace for my mood or attitude…Its unacceptable for me to treat anyone like crap regardless of what I’m going through. Stress adds to a crappy mood for me and I tend to take it out on those I love the most. I have faults.
I pray for God’s grace during these next few weeks…

4. If you want to help for the surgery and time we’re in the hospital specifically, gas cards can and will be used with gratitude. We drive about 45 minutes each way to Children’s and will be to keep Britney involved with whats going on with her brother too. Ryans dad will also be driving a lot of back and forth. It adds up very fast!

5. If you come visit us in the hospital, please give us a heads up (there is a small guest list that you need to be added to.) and be ready to see exhausted adults and probably that of the kiddo stuck in bed too.

6. Hospital food and fast food gets old (other than the minty mochas from Cafe West at Children’s!) So if you want to plan ahead and make dinner for us up in the hospital or even after we’re out and home, it would be greatly appreciated!! REALLY!difference

7. Pray. I know I mentioned this above, but I can’t express enough how the power of prayer has gotten me through and has been a part of my journey in the last few years.
Please pray for Ryan his recovery, his brain, him to be seizure free at the end of this and for him to NOT lose any motor skills or functions, his doctors, the nurses, me (mama bear fears, anxiety, worries, stress, work, etc etc), Britney, my family and those supporting me in this adventure, the kids dad and his side of my kid’s family.

8. When you see my daughter, mom, or sisters, my amazing aunt, dad, boyfriend and all of my rock star fans – give them a high five. A pat on the back. A hug. If you choose to hug them, squeeze them extra tight for me please! They kick butt. They’re my rock in all of this. They keep me sane…

9. Sit down and take 10 minutes to write a letter or card to Britney. She has been through so much in her life of almost 12 years and she amazes me. She is so positive and just surprises me with little conversations we have.
She helped decide to have surgery the same week of her birthday in December rather than next year – as she just wanted Ryan to be better and seizure free. She said she wants it done and over with before the new year. She said she doesn’t want a birthday or Christmas…she wants Ryan healthy and happy. And if surgery is the answer for that, that’s what she wants.
If you could take 10 minutes to write her a letter or send a card, she would absolutely love that! (Email me for our address.)

10. Pray. – your prayers mean the world to my family and I.


I can’t express how blessed my kids and I are – that even within storms that are happening through our lives and this journey, we are still so honored and so amazed with what He has in store for us. With the pending surgery, we have seen Ryan blossom even more. We have seen the potential he has and I knew he could have this whole time. I can’t wait to see him grow even more!! I pray this surgery will allow him to grow leaps and bounds through and past all of the seizures and illness that he has had before. I pray he is able to move from where he is NOW and to grow from there rather than relearn anything.

Thank you for being apart of my kids and my life. Thank you for supporting us and being here. We truly believe we are right where we’re supposed to be.
We’re thankful you’re by our side too!

I took this post down feeling guilty for asking what I could need – thinking it was too much. After thinking about it,I’m reposting.

I will be posting another for what may be needed after we’re discharged and during recovery.



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