Happy birthday party Britney!!

Because Britney’s birthday is the same week Ryan will be having surgery, I gave her the choice of having something small before the week of her birthday or a friend to spend the night the weekend of her birthday. She decided she wanted to have a small something before the week of her birthday…and we decided this past weekend was the weekend to do it.

She invited a few of her friends, my family and boyfriend and kids to join us. We went to Jump America and had an absolute blast! Our party host, Amanda, was very attentive and so helpful with everything we needed.

Best of all, everyone had an absolute blast!! The boys spent time throwing the football around or playing dodgeball, the girls jumped on their own trampolines in the area for their age group, Ryan and my niece played on the side of the foam pit stacking the foam cubes, while I tried running around getting pictures of everyone.

Please enjoy the pictures (and check this place out!!)

imageGirls jumping

imageBoys and football


Foam pit

All on all, I am think it was a hit for everyone…and I’m so glad and thankful for such amazing people in my children and my lives. Brits friends are such a great bunch and awesome together. They were all so funny in the car on the way there and back.

And I heard more than once or twice by one of her friends, “You’re mom is so much cooler than my mom!!”

Epic win for me!


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  1. Paula Shepard

    Brit is a lucky girl, and you are an Awesome mom!!

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