Fall Fun

wpid-IMG_20130928_122540_802.jpgIMG_20130928_122330_778[1]A few weekends ago, the kids and I met up with friends of ours at one of the many farms in the area who have a bunch of fun things for families.

Ryan had books in the stroller and once out and walking around, loved reading his books to the cut out Big Bird and Dino. He wasn’t used to me just letting him wonder, but the place was wide open and allowed that as there weren’t many people there to begin with.



Britney and the other two big kids ran around the big hay bale pyramid. I think they even started a game of tag with a few other kids…so they were happy doing their own thing too.

Ryan and I went through the hay bale maze around the pyramid many times. He definitely didn’t like the feel of the hay up against him. The cute face he made when it touched him was priceless. We even found a secret tunnel that was under the hay bale pyramid where a tunnel led us out. Ryan chose not to go through the tunnel but to use the safe entrance – the way we went in.



The big tubing they have for the tunnels through the hay bale maze and pyramid, they have smaller of on PVC pipe for the kids to go in and someone roll them in! It was a blast!! We took turns where a few other kids and I were pushing my kids and my friends kids in the big thing…then we switched places…the kids couldn’t push me, these other three kids, and Ryan in the thing so they got their dad to push. It was a riot!!


5They have a small corn maze out there too. There were fall cut outs for picture opportunities…with the sun shining directly on the hole for our faces, it was difficult to get pictures with our eyes open. The kids enjoyed the middle of the corn maze most, where there were more hay bales to climb and more pictures to take.

They do have quite a big selection to choose from in barn where they sell fall treats, fruits and vegetables. They make their own kettle corn and also have a consession stand where we had lunch for $4 a piece.All of the above mentioned was free!!!

There’s nothing like a cheap lunch and free fall fun that this mama loves most. We will definitely go back before the season is over!!


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