Over the weekend, we ventured to Gernee, IL and went to Jump America because the weather just didn’t agree with our outside plans.

We had 2-hours of fun – no crying – no whining – no “I’m bored” – and the two-hour window was just enough time before most of us had had enough and were ready to go.

Ryan was ready for a nap – but of course refused.

The place is genius, though. Really! For ages 3 and up, there was a jump area for everyone by age group. Ryan had the 3-7 year old area all by himself at one point. Britney was SUPPOSED to be in the 8-13 year old area…but we were jumping together in the 14 and up area. Boy was it fun!!



A dodge ball area for the adventurous and more physically fit (and daring!).

At times, I was that helicopter mom protecting my baby in the dodge ball area. Most of the kids (and the kid in charge of that area) were amazing. We had issues with one little boy (about 6?) who decided bullying Ryan was necessary – and pelting him with a dodge ball was the right thing to do.

Don’t worry – I let him have it. My boy can’t stick up for himself but this mama sure can!

I also got hit a few times. Sometimes on accident, others on purpose. The balls are soft and after the shock of getting hit happened, there is no pain. It’s all just fun!


He hung out on the outside of the foam pit and pulled the cubes out. He had fun throwing them on the trampoline and watching it bounce as the kids were jumping in the pit. We also were taking turns stacking the foam cubes on top of each other. When I put him in the pit, itself, it didn’t make him very happy, and I think that had to do with the texture of the foam. Ryan’s favorite part of the whole day – was the foam pit!

We will definitely go back to Jump America – its just a matter of when! Who wants to join us?!!


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