EEG: How it works

So you see a sock hat looking thing on Ryan’s head. Under, there are leads glued to his head. Those leads go to a box that is put in a backpack (the penguin above) so he can carry it around the room with him if he’s out of the crib. He chooses not to put it on his back as he is annoyed by it. I’m not sure if its the weight of the thing or what…

There are two cords that come out of the backpack. One is a really really long off white in color and plugs into the wall. The EEG Tech’s can pick up what is happening with Ryan’s brain waves in the tech room from the cord plugged into the wall, from the box in the backpack, from the leads glued to Ryan’s head.

The other cord that comes out of the backpack is black and has a button on the end of it. When I see any physical seizure activity (staring, jerking, etc) from Ryan, I press the button. When that button is pressed, I state what I see going on with Ryan, all of the lights in the room go on, the nurses from the hall and nurses station run into the room to tend to Ryan. The room is audio and video recorded 24/7 to watch Ryan at any given time during the day or night.

When Ryan is out of the crib, and even while in it, they want him to wear a helmet. This will protect his head as the leads and sock can get him off balance and pull him in other directions. We tried it on the first day and haven’t put it on since unless to play.

When the black button is pressed, the doctor can go back to see the monitor and see video, hear audio, and see the brain waves recorded. Sometimes there maybe false alarms and the staring could be day dreaming…and sometimes it could be actual seizure activity.

The more seizure activity we have while we are here the better. This us the only place we want a seizure to happen. We are in the right place now…its just a matter of timing and if we catch one while we’re here or not.

We’ll see!!

I’ll keep you posted if we do.
Thank you for genuinely caring for my boy!



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