Day 4 – got some action!

I arrived at the hospital and my sister left an hour or so later. Boy did we have fun before she left!! With a video and pictures being taken, we couldn’t help ourselves. And I can’t help but wonder how long after this hospitalization we will be finding stickers on blankets, bottom of our shoes, and other stuff we have up here.





So we had a great time!

After Abby left and Ryan and I were taking a break from playing, the cleaning crew came in to do their thing. As I was moving things around the room so they could get under them, Ryan was watching and flirting with the ladies. I came to his bedside as the vacuum was on the other side of the room. Ryan was watching to lady and how eyes stared elsewhere. I pressed the button and tried to get his attention. The nurses flooded in and we went on with the afternoon.


Dr. H came in and affirmed the staring episode I noticed and pressed the bottom for. Basically what this means is his brain waves showed more spikes for a longer period of time and also came across as physical as well. He said sometimes a kiddo will have multiple episodes like this or just one every once in awhile – which could mean days before others were noticed.

We will only be giving Ryan two doses of the current dose we have him on – 2.5mL – rather than his med dose of – 3.5mL – three times a day. Dr. H didn’t feel sleep deprivation was necessary at this point but he did want to do the strobe light.

My mom came up to visit and read books. Shortly after many new books were read, Ryan fell asleep and napped for a couple hours…after waking, he took all of the Aunt Beth and grandma love he could, read and played and showed them a dance move or two or three before they left for the evening.


Tim brought dinner in but before we enjoyed it, we had fun getting some disco dancing done …which the doctor ordered and hoped a seizure would come out if it. Last year we were unsuccessful. Ryan just loves it…so there was no seizure during either (two) light strobe sessions.


After dinner, I got out some bubbles Krissie had got Ryan with in the last year that she found for him. They glow in the dark!!!! Check it out:


That’s the bottle if the bubbles…once they were blown, they did not glow, however they did light up the floor or where ever they landed just a little. The more that landed in one Ares lit up a bit brighter than others. We all really liked them. I’m going to have to look for more since they should be out since its getting to Halloween time!!!

That’s about all I have tonight. Ryans still awake and it looks like a good cuddle will do the trick. For me anyway!
This is where I will sleep…until my boy is home! No its not comfortable. Yes my back is totally jacked from it.


We appreciate your continued prayers and thoughts, messages and calls, help and offers to help with Britney…we miss that girl of ours, so much!!

Thank you!




  1. auntie Abby

    Love you, Bina!!! We’ll talk more about the rest of the week, but if you need me to I’m thinking I could help out on Sunday night if you want to go home and spend time with B. Love you, keep me posted, kiss that cuddle bug for me!!

    • That would be awesome, Aunt Abby! ❤ We'll see if we're still here then. 😉
      Love you!!!

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