Day 2 – unexpected long term EEG monitoring

This morning started out much better than yesterday!!!! We had a few visitors and lots of fun today that started early. I’ll let the pictures tell the events of the day!


Morning mom!!


A boy and his books. Nothing too fancy needed here…


Aunt Beth is a great pillow, among many other great things.


We love to decorate Aunt Abby!


Child life brought in more stickers….just for Ryan!


Painting toes too? No thank you…

He’s been scratching his head a lot today. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to reglue some of the leads tomorrow. The front two on his forehead are pretty itchy. Sounds like a stinky room in the future. (The glue they use stinks so bad!)
Ryan kept his food down… All. Day. Long. We kept things light at breakfast and by lunch I thought he would take a nap since he was up so early after only sleeping 5-6 hours last night when he’s used to 10-12 hours. After I napped for about 20 minutes and Ryan rested and snuggled with me, we ordered lunch. He was pretty content in the crib today with his books and stickers. The nurses loved how he decorates. There were stickers all on the inside of the crib, all over his blankets and all up and down his body. He has a taste for decor I believe.
Aunt Beth came and Ryan literally devoured his lunch. We were shocked and to be honest, I was a bit worried after how much he ate how he would react. He was taken off his IV and ventured to the floor to play.
Aunt Abby visited and played more with stickers as child life brought a whole basket full of them! What a lucky kid. (Hours later they are everywhere and they are still sticking to socks and shoes. But he’s happy with that.)
He didn’t eat much dinner but after the lunch he ate, I’m not surprised with that. He didn’t get a nap so he fell asleep at 630ish this evening and I figured he would sleep all night. I was wrong.

My sister came back after her night class so I could go out and get some fresh air and a walk. When I returned about an hour later, Ryan was up and playing with the stickers stuck to the side of his crib. It’s 1115pm and he’s still up….mostly I assume now because of the itchiness of his head.
Our nurse, Allie, tonight is looking into some anti-itch stuff/med for him and we’ll work on bedtime again. In the meantime, he’s playing to keep his mind off of the itch.

So from the doc: tomorrow morning, we’ll be taking Ryan down on his meds to see what we can capture on the EEG by doing this. They see activity and spikes on the left side still. They worry with MTS that the left side of his brain could reach the right side. They don’t see that activity on the right side like they do on the left. That’s good news.

They expect we’ll be here a few more days at least. I’m thankful my sister offered to stay with Ryan tomorrow night so I could have some time with Britney, sleep in my own bed, play with our pup, lots of hugs, and I can get some things I want up here…like my car for when we’re discharged!


Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, messages, and support. They are all appreciated so much!

I apologize if this posted funky in anyway. I’ve been updating it throughout the day with my phone. I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

Update before I post. THIS is what I had to take a break from writing for. Good night moon. He’s so sleepy and itchy. After some meds, I’m hoping we’re good for the night now.


Thank you for loving him!



  1. Auntie Abby

    Time for a haircut!!!!! Lets buzz it now, so it’s not such a pain later, like when they take the leads out!!!

    I’ll see you today and then again tonight, Love you, Bina!!
    Stay strong!!

    • Love you! Thank you, Abby.

  2. Amy

    I’m so glad you have your sisters and mom and Aunt Beth. I all 3 of you. Praying you get to go home sooner rather than later.

    • Thank you for your prayers, Aunt Amy! ❤ Love you!

    • Amy

      Love all 3! Lol. Tired. Sorry. Test week at school. Brain is fried. But I can tell you all about C major chord progressions. Hang in there. Y’all are tough though so I’m not worried. 🙂

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