The Spot

Growing up, my parents took my sisters and I to a park. I never remembered the name of it. I never remembered anyone else knowing if this place when I was younger because I just remember my parents, sisters, and I being at this park when we were there. No one else. Ever. I thought of it as a secret. My family’s secret spot.

When I moved back to the area, I realized the spot was not a secret but an actual park on a map where others actually visited with their pets and families to walk the trails, play in the active springs which leads through a small creek into a lake. There have been weddings and family events at ‘the spot’ when I came back to visit during my time away from the area. However, I spent a lot of time by myself at ‘the spot’. I’ve walked the trails, enjoyed the peace I found looking out into the water or sitting next to a small water fall and just listening to nature, my thoughts, and feelings. I love this place!

When one of my best friends from high school visited home from Georgia last summer, she took our pictures here. The kids and I visit every once in awhile together. Most times, I visit by myself to find my ground and balance when the kids are with their dad.

Last week was my birthday and I received a couple gift cards for one of our favorite restaurants – but it is 30 minutes away. On Saturday, I took the kids to lunch meeting up with a dear friend from college. On our way home, I asked Britney if she wanted to stop by ‘ the spot’ on the way. She agreed as the weather was beautiful!

I’ll let the pictures take over the rest of this post…


We’re always a bit cautious when we first get here.


Britney getting a bunch of rocks to throw in the water while Ryan finds a secret stream from another active spring under ground.


Britney – just checking it all out!


Just a boy and his rocks. He would sit here all day and throw rocks in the water.


Can’t tell he loves this place right..? Heh.

Thank you for caring and loving my beautiful children!


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