Starfish…making a difference one at a time!


I’ve read this once or twice before, but the biggest impact it’s had on me was when it was read to over 400 people, including myself, at the Chromosome 18 Conference in Savannah, Georgia. Is it read at every conference? Maybe. Has it been in anything I’ve read because of Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society? I don’t know for sure. The time it was read to me this time was significant. It had purpose. And after this – I saw Starfish in a different light.

At the conference, there were many people who wore starfish necklaces, ear rings, even some bracelets! They were beautiful…it all made sense after hearing this story read again!

Britney has mentioned time and time again of how she wants to raise money for Chromosome 18 this year, and really make a difference. Her best friend is behind her, as well, wanting to do the same thing.

The Starfish are behind her too… as the man made a difference one by one in those starfish’s lives, we want YOU to be apart of helping those with Chromosome 18, like Ryan. To do that, we have many fundraising ideas really stirring in Britney, her BFF, and my minds!

On that note:

Please check back as we will post updates on our ideas. We will be sharing and promoting a BUNCH of fundraisers in the next year. We hope you find something that interests you, tugs at your heart, or changes your mind and heart from negative thinking…all to Make A Difference in someone else’s life!!


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