Help me, help you!

Do you remember the last time you did something nice for someone?
The last time you went out of your way and did a random act of kindness for someone else?
Had so much joy in your life during one day that you wanted to share that with someone else whose day may not have been going as great as yours?
Gave someone $5 because they *had* to have something because they really did need it?
Called and asked a friend if they needed something from the store – just because you were there?
Made so much lasagna, and your little family wasn’t going to finish it, so you brought the remainder to a neighbors house?

Now think about how you feel when you do something nice for someone…
Pretty awesome right?
                                  Yeah…me too!

Kindness (1)

People have said for YEARS, “If there is anything I can do, please let me know!” I nod and tell them I will.
But when that time comes, pride gets in the way, embarrassment of needing help, or just the lack of communication happens – and it’s just silly. So this is my list of how someone, anyone of YOU, could help those around you that have special needs children – to include myself even when I’m being silly and don’t ask.

1. Offer to take my kids – or just Ryan so Britney and I can have a few hours together. He loves playing with other people and is the nicest with people he doesn’t get to see very often. You don’t have to be afraid. But if you are – there are plenty more things I could use help with…at ANY given moment.

2. Make us a healthy dinner – Instead of just posting on Facebook what you’re making or plan to make for your family, make it and bring it to my family! Text, email, or call me and tell me you’re bringing dinner for us sometime that week. Have it already made and all I have to do is cook and eat it. We’re not allergic to anything. If you need to know more specifics, ask! We’ve been pretty boring with our meals lately and they’ve been quick, easy, and fatty ones.

3. Pray for us – It takes a minute. A minute when you wake up in the morning, while you’re in the shower, while you’re brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, driving to work or school, while you’re at school or work,….. you get the idea. It can be done anytime during the day or night. Pray for Ryan’s seizures. His head. His mood. His temper. His health. Pray for Britney and her acceptance. Her peace. Her health. Her school year. Her friend drama (she IS a preteen!) Her anxiety. Her attitude. Pray for me – I need peace. Acceptance. Patience. Hope. For my finances. Our home. Our vehicle.

4. Take care of my lawn or snow removal – Do it yourself or call up one of your buddies and have them run the riding mower or plow through my lawn or driveway (not in that order) while they’re out this way. I’ll provide ice water, hot chocolate, hot tea, or coffee and a treat while busting your butt to help a girl and her kiddos out! I can’t get outside without them for more than 10 minutes without feeling like I’m abandoning my children – let alone an hour – which is what it would take me to do the lawn or driveway.

5. If you’re grocery shopping, call and ask if I need something too – Getting out for just a gallon of milk is sometimes a feat in itself. With Ryan struggling to stay out of a car seat, out of the shopping cart when we get to the store, and then not wanting to leave the store when we’re done….it’s just too much for this mama sometimes.

6. Send some fun mail – getting anything but insurance explanations, doctor appointment reminders, medical bills, house bills, credit card offers, or anything else other than FUN mail is never fun. Let’s become pen pals! We like to send some back!

7. Instead of a birthday or Christmas gift, send a card offering a free night without the kids – you stay or take my kids, I disappear. If I go to my bedroom and sleep or have a night out. You worry  about the kids. I’ll worry about ME.

8. Offer time together – Your kids and you. My kids and me. Sometimes it’s best at our house. Sometimes it’s best to get us all out to your house. Being in public normally doesn’t work out as well as we hope – not long periods of time especially!

9. Just listen. You don’t have to try and understand…you don’t have to offer advice. And PLEASE don’t tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. Just LISTEN!

10. Be patient – Its very rare I have extra time for me, lately. (Today I’m thankful the kids are with their dad for a few days.) If I spew on you as I’m short tempered, get angry, don’t have enough patience for someone or something, cancel plans, don’t call or text you back for days, weeks, maybe months – or forget an exciting event such as a birthday and don’t send a card – please be patient with me. Most days, I have a thousand ideas and plans I have going on in my head and I want to get at least 100 of those things done in a day – but realistically, I over extend myself a LOT and I’m only able to get, at most, 50 of the thousand done. Be patient with me and tell me what a great job I’m doing…please. And thank YOU!

11. Don’t compare our kids – Ryan will be 5 on September 30 this year. A month away from his birthday. He’s not going to be doing the same thing your child, at 3 years old, is doing. It’s not that I don’t want to hear the great news about your child being able to ride their bike without training wheels on – but honestly, I don’t – because mine, at almost 5, can barely pedal. Your child imitates everything you say? Great! Mine doesn’t talk…so let’s talk about your child’s personality. Their loving and kind heart. Their spirit that we, as parents, know our child has. And lets turn some music on and let the kids shake their booty’s because I know Ryan loves to do that – and so will your child!

I’m sure I can come up with plenty more – but this post isn’t all about the kids and I.


When kind things are done for one person, that kindness is passed on.
Think of the wave you could start where you are!
Buy someone’s coffee. Put $5 extra towards your drive through order with it going towards the person behind you’s order! Help an elderly person put their groceries in their car. Take someones cart for them so they don’t need to leave their children alone in the car by themselves. If someone is struggling to open a door because their hands are full, help them. Tip your server $5 more than you planned to. Pick up trash from your and your neighbors yard. If you’re mowing your yard, mow your neighbors yard too! Sign up to be an organ donor. Donate blood. Donate an extra 10% this week.
Do what you can and feel great about it!

Be kind. Be well. Thank you for reading and supporting us!


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