Thumb sucker update!

He's got his pointer finger in his mouth here...sneeky boy! (picture taken 8.7.13)

He’s got his pointer finger in his mouth here…sneaky boy! (picture taken 8.7.13)



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While watching a movie right before bed, I told Ryan on multiple occasions, “Take your thumb out of your mouth buddy.” “Fingers out of your mouth, Ryan.” And then told him flat out that he can’t suck his thumb anymore.

He needs to be a big boy and not rely on his thumb anymore. I think I even went into the whole thing with his teeth and his thumb nail and the whole shebang – which he may or may not have understood it all…

The thumb still went in his mouth.

Brit makes duct tape wallets – so I knew the suggestion of duct taping his pointer finger and thumb together wasn’t going to be an issue as far as finding duct tape…because we ALWAYS have duct tape lying around the house! My choice of colors for this first time – bright orange. (Silly I know.)

I taped the pointer and thumb together, and threw a tube sock of mine on his arm/hand and off to bed he went. I knew without a nap yesterday, and all of the commotion he had with the bloody nose and such, he would have no problem falling asleep. So the first night of no thumb sucking was off to a good start….

…or was it…

After 15 minutes, I checked on Ryan.

Sure enough – he was passed out – WITH his thumb in his mouth! The little stinker!


Not the best picture – but you get the idea!


Britney helped me find stronger duct tape – probably not the best idea (as a friend asked about medical tape and I like that option much better!) but we did the stronger duct tape and let him sleep. (He slept through the whole thing – me taking his thumb out of his mouth, drying off his thumb, putting the duct tape on his thumb/pointer finger, and putting the tube sock on. He did not like the flash though – so thats why the blurred pic had to do.

Surprising enough, he slept through the night like this, without waking until this morning. He woke me up with the sock off of his arm/hand, and banging on my bed to wake me up. After putting him up on my bed, he tried putting the taped fingers in his mouth. That didn’t work well. Icky taste I’m sure.

I took the tape off his fingers and he was one happy boy!

I hope he’s just as happy tomorrow morning when the tape comes off…

Even better, I hope he learns he doesn’t need his thumb quick – so we don’t have to keep taping fingers together! I feel like a cruel mean mommy.

Even if he still sucks his thumb with tape on his fingers, he’s loved and knows it.


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