Learning – conference style! – the short version

Thank you Marianna Kuortti for the picture!

Thank you Marianna Kuortti for the picture!

What I learned – the short version:
As a parent, I have failed, but I did something right…and in most cases, I’m still doing many things right with my children.

The connections I had with the families who raise an affected child of Chromosome 18 can not be denied or ignored.

The moments of clarity and thinking so many times throughout the conference ‘it all makes sense’ are unreal, uncountable, and brings me peace.

The research already done with the Chromosome 18 research society is mind blowing. I can’t wait for more answers to be found in the future.

Parental advocacy is SO important!

The smiles and hugs given and received were comforting and welcomed as these were families just like mine….who just get it!

The good Lord puts amazing people in my life at the craziest times – normally exactly when I need to realize or hear something I’m going through.

The next conference I attend, I plan to bring at least one other adult with the kids and I.

The conversations parents and I had were all about our kids and in most cases, no other background of ourselves was given…and may never be. Proof our children are the reason we were there.

I felt lonely at times but snapped out of that loneliness very quickly as I knew I belonged there. Pity parties are allowed and everyone is invited!

Letting control go isn’t always a bad thing.

With God, all things are possible… (OK OK. So I already knew that one!)


My heart is full.
My children give me reason.
My gratefulness is wanting to give back.
My support system is always growing.

We are so blessed!

The full version – coming soon!


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