My thumb sucker

SAMSUNGMy boy has never been fond of a pacifier or Nuk…but has been sucking his thumb at nap and bedtime since he was itty bitty! When he’s been upset about something, instead of crying and wanting his blanket, a stuffed animal or toy, he has always been able to count in his precious comforting thumb.


Yeah, its cute and cuddly and comforting for him and makes him happy and keeps him from driving me absolutely mad when everything else we try and give him during the battle of the communication is happening….but its his thumb.

It’s caused his top teeth to move forward and the thumb nail has been turning colors for months now…to the point of the nail falling off in the next week as its already detached itself from one side of his finger.

On Tuesday, we made an appointment after therapies with the pediatrician for her to take a look. On the way down the hall, following the nurse, Ryan took a tumble. This happens pretty often, but this was one if the bad ones – nose bleed, fat lip, and a bump on his forehead. Now they have proof I don’t push him down and he’s really that imbalanced and clumsy.


The nurse helped how she could with giving me tissues and such, asked the questions she could very quickly, and sent the doc in right away. We got his nose to stop bleeding and cleaned him up so she could get a good look at his nail.

She told us it in fact will fall off. We need to work on getting Ryan to stop sucking his thumb and in order to do that, she gave me a few pointers:SAMSUNG

1.) Do not try the bitter products on the thumb.
2.) Do not use any hot and spicy foods or sauces in his thumb.
3.) DO duct tape his pointer finger and thumb together, then place a tube sock on his hand and arm when he would most suck his thumb.

Knowing the information she gave me, I knew there was no way I would be using duct tape on a nail that was about to fall off. It was not going to be the reason for his hurt when the tape is ripped off the next morning. So we walked out of the appointment, knowing we would wait for that lil bugger of a nail to come off….But it didn’t take long!

Today, on the way into therapy, I noticed the nail was off. I knew it was there before we got there as I checked it….so somewhere between the store and hospital, we lost a nail. There was no crying, no whining, and no ‘Hey mommy, my thumb nail came off!!!’


I wish the last really happened…or any communication of the sort but nope! It must have been ready to come off though.

It looks like we’ll be duct taping a couple of Ryans fingers together tonight before bed…as a new nail is already growing in. We don’t want it to grow in crocked or discolored, so we’ll baby this until my baby boy is a big boy and leaves his thumb alone and out of his mouth.

Wish us luck!
Thank you for reading!


Please read this update.


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