Thank YOU!


To those that helped us get to our first – Chromosome 18 conference this last July, thank YOU!

To YOU who helped us raise money through our fundraisers – donating for a tie blanket, a tutu or two or three, flower clips for your little girls and their friends, filling up mini M&M containers for Change is Good…and sometimes multiple containers, and best of all – finding it in YOUR hearts to give us what YOU felt YOU could – not expecting anything in return- just because – YOU knew how much we needed (and wanted) to make it to this conference for answers!

To YOU who paid for our hotel room at the conference…the biggest expense I was worried most about.

To YOU who donated to pay for our registration for the conference.

To YOU for supporting the kids and I even if YOU don’t agree with our decisions.

To YOU who believe in us.

To YOU who paid for our hotel room when we stopped on Knoxville, TN on the way to Savannah.

To YOU for taking care of our house and sweet pup while we were gone.

To YOU who understands how important my family is to me and not expecting me to work while we were away.

To YOU who make us smiles and laugh when things get tough.

To YOU for visiting us when we’re in the hospital or have appointments and YOU can make it…and are willing to!

To YOU who really enjoys my children and I just being with you – when you visit us at our house or we are somewhere else!

To YOU for keeping in touch since the conference.

To YOU for opening YOUR heart to understand my son, my daughter, my trials, my heartache, my impatience and imperfections as we all have them…

To YOU for knowing with all of the hard times, there are so many more accomplishments and joyful times that we hold onto so much more than anything else!

To YOU for offering to help when my patience is thin.

To YOU for being here, taking time out of YOUR busy life, reading our life and thoughts to learn more about Chromosome 18 abnormalities or just keep up with Ryans life.

To YOU for thinking my kids and I wouldn’t be able to come up with enough money to make it to Savannah at all.

To YOU for introducing yourself to me when I sat by myself, not knowing anyone in a conference session.

To YOU for checking in with me and offering a friendly hug when I was overwhelmed in between conference sessions.

To YOU for making sure I have chocolate on days I absolutely need it.

To YOU who made an effort to say hi to Britney, Ryan and I anytime and every time YOU saw us during the conference.

To YOU for taking time and spending it with us in Savannah.

To YOU who emailed within the first week post-conference to check in on me.

To YOU for loving us.

To YOU for ignoring the judgements of what people think of YOU and just being YOU.

To many of YOU – we will be best of friends from this conference on!

My kids and I are so darn blessed and grateful for each and every one of you. You’ve taken weights off of my shoulders time and time again, helped me breath a little easier, and made me want to just squeeze all of you all together and never let go.


Thank you for supporting and caring for us and our lives.
It means the world to us!






Updates of the conference will be posted within the next week.

The first of many to come:

Learning – Conference style – the short version


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