Day 5 – Here we GO!

Sleeping in is the best!!

That is all.

Just kidding.

Up at 9am, I showered and got ready for the day before Ryan even woke. Once he was up, we ate breakfast and he chilled playing with his toys, reading books to me, and watching a bit of cartoons. I started hearing from Britney about 11am and decided I’d pick her up by 2pm – when registration started for the Conference. By 1230, she wanted me to pick her up sooner – so we were out the door and on the way to do just that.

When we got back from picking Britney up and eating lunch, she headed down to the pool while Ryan and I hung out until registration in the lobby started. We planned on meeting a new friend of ours that I had been in contact with through Facebook, as they were staying somewhere else in the area and was going to come visit and swim with my kiddos. That didn’t happen, but we still were able to get in contact and meet with each other after registering. What a great looking, well behaved bunch! Comparing our boys (her’s is 9) was nothing like others have compared Ryan to before. Its unreal how much our boys had in common. She witnessed Ryan staring off – and as I tapped his forehead to get his attention back, she asked how often that happened and when. He normally does that on a daily basis when he’s tired. She said her boy does that too – it’s absent seizures. We discussed that a bit and I realized how busy and overwhelmed I am going to be this week…the conference hadn’t even started – other than registration at this point!

NOTE TO SELF: Neurology followup appointment for the end of August – mention absent seizures.


Ryan reading with new friends! (IM and her dad Ian)


Ryan getting loved on by Julia F.!

I was able to put some faces to names from the Ch18 Facebook group! Others, I’ll work on…that whole memory thing does not work in my favor most days. When things involve my kids, I’ll remember it in an important part of my brain, everything else, well – it’s in it’s own box in there somewhere.

We purchased a shirt for each of us – including the 20th conference shirt at registration. I can’t wait to show them off back home! (If you’re reading, and you want one, and it’s before July 31, 2013 – LET ME KNOW! – I’ll grab one!)

At 6pm this evening, there was a welcome reception – food, smiles, drink, acceptance, laughter, hugs, kindness, gratitude, and lots and lots of love!! After a few opening words, there was a magician that had the kids entertained like no other. With a rabbit, a tortoise, a big cockatoo, a snake, and even Simon Says – the man was great!


Roden – Ryan’s new BFF!

Ryan sat in his stroller (Thank God I thought to bring it while packing the car up!) most of the time and then wanted to get out and explore. We met 2 companion dogs and they were just amazing!! One was a yellow lab and the other was a big shaggy something or other (I’ll get the name of the breed again.)

I am in awe of many things…but mostly, I have noticed the hotel vibe has changed from a few days ago – almost as it is filling with love and acceptance – rather than irritation and annoyance. It is all so calming and surreal for me.

This is where we belong this week.

This is where we will always have people that understand.

This is where we’re home and apart of something so much bigger.

This is our new, extended family – forever!


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