Day 3 – oh what fun!!



We woke on our own time this morning and by 8am I was up and updated the blog I wanted to last night before the kiddos awoke. We packed our luggage and stuff up as we were to be moving to our new room today. What a blessing for more room!!! The kindness and helpful support from the staff here has been amazing. We didn’t know where we would be going but knew enough that the sooner things were packed up, the sooner we could get going.

suzThen it was off to brunch with a dear friend from WA and her new (as of Thursday!!) rescue pup, Noah.  (Check out her blog. I especially love this post)

We walked downtown to our destination and ate a bite. Just across the street we noticed water shooting in the air and kids running through it. We just had to go check it out! Although we all didn’t know that we wanted to go all the way in, we each took our turns getting close enough…Ryan was especially not fond of it as he wasn’t in control of any of it…but he still loved being cooled off on his own terms.






Britney loved trying to get as much water into the empty water bottle she had – so she could give hot Noah some water to drink. He was a trooper while the kids, Suzanne, and I enjoyed ourselves and caught up. He enjoyed himself with me in the fountain, until the park lady came over and told us dogs weren’t allowed in there. Boo!

When we were ready to go, Suzanne and Noah headed out but not without treating Britney to an ice cream shop we would be passing on the walk back to the hotel. Half way there, I realized I should have worn my tennies. Flip flops on a walk in downtown Savannah does NOT work as blisters will show up on crazy places. (Inside of my big toe? Yeah. Ick.)


Once back to the hotel, we hung out for a while before Rosa and Leina came to go swimming. I sent her a list of groceries and am SO thankful she was able to pick things up so I
1.) Didn’t have to go out with a very crabby little boy to find a grocery store
2.) eat out or starve!

The girls went swimming and absolutely enjoyed themselves as they once used to – joking and playing and gossiping and catching up as it’s been 5 years since they’ve seen each other. I can’t believe it’s been that long…I was pregnant with Ryan when we said “See you later!” on July 25, 2008. Leina spent the night with us at the hotel and the girls spent most of the night in the pool while I tried to get Ryan to sleep. Once Ryan was in dreamland, I made my way down to the lobby to visit and meet with a few of the Ch18 conference attendees. What a whirlwind this was going to be.


Tomorrow, we’ll be getting up bright and early to see a very good friend of mine from High School – and she’ll be taking our pictures – ON THE BEACH! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been to the ocean. And a year since I’ve seen my dear friend.

The kids – they’ve NEVER been to the beach on an OCEAN! I can’t wait!


Thank you for following this journey with us. It’s been amazing so far!


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