Day 2- Savannah bound!


This is how I woke up on Thursday morning in Tennessee. See the liiiiittle spot on the left? Yeah…I slept there. Not very well and hopefully as I sleep in a hotel, I get more used to it. Otherwise this ‘vacation’ is going to be pretty long and tiring. But the kids slept great in Tennessee and were ready for a new day!


We were up and out with tummys full from the hotel continental breakfast by 830am TN time, so we filled the cars tank and was on the road….leaving a little piece of Ryan behind so we could spread the word of Chromosome 18 – of course!


Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia….we made it! Through the mountains in NC was unreal. Looking out the front window reminded Britney and I of post cards. Going through tunnels to get to the other side, the way the trees and greenery was on each side of the vehicle/road, the clouds as they sometimes fell into the tops of the trees, even the looks on my and the kids faces looking out the window in awe of the beauty we saw…just amazing. The pictures we have taken do not do it justice!!!


Once in Savannah, the excitement in the car just exploded. Britney wanted to get out and stretch, Ryan was toast and needed either a nap or to get out and be the spunky little boy we know he is. I also just wanted out!! I could not wait to get settled so we didn’t have to drive for a long period of time any longer.

We were helped up to our room from a nice bell woman with a southern accent, got settled in our hotel room, and headed out exploring! The hotel is right on the riverfront so I wanted to take a stroll down by the water…however once we got out there, the clouds covered the sky and it started down pouring. So instead, we went inside the hotel and did some exploring to make sure we knew where things were.

We found the entrance to the outdoor and indoor pool and we found where the conference rooms are so when things start on Sunday, we’re not totally lost. We also made a stop to the front desk to see if there was a possibility for an upgrade to a suite. I didn’t want to be too picky, but I didn’t know how Ryan was going to be in his pack n play as he’s grown so tall! The room we have has two double beds and checking at possibilities was something I felt I could do. The woman behind the desk was amazing. She said they were booked for Thursday night, but there was a possibility for us to move for Friday night – free of charge!! She understood that because we’ll be here for quite sometime, we wanted room to spread out a little bit. So we’ll call down in the morning to check it all out.

Back in the hotel room, I tried to figure out the issues my cell phone was having….still. Text messages have been coming in and going out hours after they are sent, I have a network, I don’t, I have service, I don’t….so annoying.

About dinner time, I called a friend of ours from when we lived in Washington state and left exactly 5 years before – to see what they were up to as they live about 20 minutes from Savannah. We headed over to their house. Britney was ecstatic as we were headed to her first best friends house!!! They hadn’t seen each other in 5 years and have had little contact since then.

I’m a dummy and didn’t get any pictures!!!!! But they connected just as they would have 5years ago. They still have many of the same likes and dislikes, their personalities are still very similar …they’ve just grown up a bit! Her friend will be joining us Friday night for a sleep over at the hotel and spend Saturday with us as well. Hopefully the weather will get better. It rained off and on all evening with a bit of really loud thunder and lots of wind.


That’s all I have for now….thank you for reading! More later!


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