On the road…

ch18 conference

We left at 730 this morning – bright and early – after stopping at the lab for blood work to get levels for Ryan’s increase of meds from his last seizure (July 5). After that, we hit the road!


We made it through 20 minutes of Wisconsin, a spot of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and we’ve stopped for the night in Knoxville, Tennessee. We made amazing time today!! Britney and Ryan were angels (most of the time) in the back seat. With lots of books, singing and dancing, reading, a tiny bit of crying, some naps, playing games, and finding as many of the United States license plates as we could, we’re all still in really good spirits!!



Purple states are the plates we saw today!! There will be a new list to come tomorrow. Not pictured: Ontario and Quebec (Canada)




We’ve seen too many cars and semis, about 50 UPS/FedEx trucks, at least 30 moving trucks, 2 military vehicles, 15 campers, and even a van with an a/c unit out the back window…Yes. I’m being serious. I even heard at least 4 people honk at us from our window decor on the car! (I know it can NOT be from my driving! I’m a good driver…Promise!)

About an hour away from Lexington Kentucky, I called my sister to update her on what was going on. My phone didn’t have a network as my cellphone company has been in a blackout and is updating their towers. Thankfully, Britney had her phone to use. I knew at some point, though, that I was going to lose the map I had on my phone. So we talked a bit on the phone and she helped me find a place to stay for the night. Not only that, but called, made the reservation, AND paid for it!! I have amazing support, an amazing family, kick butt friends, and lots of God in my life helping me through every bit of this journey I’m on!

I honestly have never thought of Kentucky and Tennessee as “pretty” states to drive through – but OMGoodness! The valleys, and hills, and the way the sun comes through the clouds and hits all of the green is just amazing. The rock on the side of the roads and the little streams of water that come down just makes the scenery that much more beautiful. It’s helped with the moral in the vehicle – keeping our spirits up and excited and pumped to keep going. It’s a site to see and we’re just so blessed!

I have definitely seen a lot of God in this trip so far. We are SO very blessed to have even been able to do this! Everything has fallen into place just perfectly, and I know it’s Him who has made that possible in the end of it all.

To all that have found it in their hearts to donate for us to be able to make this trip, those who have picked up hotel room charges for us on the way and at the conference, paid for our conference charges, filled M&M containers and dropped money off for gas and the rental car – just because – offer to watch our pup while we’re gone so she can stay in her own environment – all of it is and was from the kindness of your hearts and I can not thank you enough! This adventure has just started and I hope it slows down a bit so I can enjoy it little by little. I’m LOVING it!

This next week and a half is going to FLY by…I hope I remember everything I learn, understand it all, remember who I meet, connect with them, remain connected, and still remember the things I need to do for my kids and I to keep us grounded as well.


AWESOME. Just amazing.

Thank you for supporting, loving, and caring for us. It means so much to us!


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