ER Trip for Ryan – Darn ears…

Ryan had a seizure while with his dad on July 5. Almost immediately after that, he started to get sick. I got the kids back on Tuesday after his seizure.  By Friday, I noticed he was pulling on his right ear so into the ER we went after Britney went to her friends for the night.


While waiting about 15 minutes in the ER, Ryan and I had a few seats between us and men on each side of us. The one on our left was on the phone discussing his issue with someone. The other, could not get the evil look on his face every time he looked at Ryan. At one point of me looking at him, we made eye contact. I smiled. He looked at ME like <b> I </b> was crazy. So I told him, “Smile! It looks better on you. Life isn’t that bad…” He said, “It’s not?” and continued to look at me like I had gone nuts. I said, “It is what you make it and it looks like you need to smile more!” 


Soon after that, I felt much better and Ryan’s name was called.


The doc was very welcoming and kind. He was great with Ryan and I told him exactly what I thought it was – turned out, I was right! 🙂 Mama’s know best!


We picked up amoxicillion and was home and in bed by 11pm.


The reactions some people have when they ask how old Ryan is, and I tell him he’ll be 5 the end of September make me so irritated. So he’s different. He has developmental issues. He’s not the “normal” almost 5 year old. But he is absolutely AMAZING!!! He brings a smile to my and Britney’s faces every day. He makes us laugh with the silly little quirks he has and does. He babbles uncontrollably sometimes, having conversations with himself, and it’s so darn cute! So what if he’s different. It doesn’t mean he needs to be treated that way by others with their reactions.


Psssht. Some people!


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