Evaluation time…..


We had evaluations for therapy all last week, OT, PT, and speech. Hence the awesome picture!

PT was first. More changes as I didn’t have his IEP with me for the first evaluation. I was going off memory. She was so sweet and so nice. She explained everything to Ryan that she wanted him to do. But as other physical therapists he has had, he didn’t appreciate the pushing of activities! Good for her for sticking to her job and what she was trained to do. She went with the flow and really learned if Ryans stubbornness. I’m still trying to figure out where he gets that. Hah!

Second day last week of evals, we met the speech therapist we would be working with for the summer. I absolutely fell in love…and so did Ry! She gave me some great ideas and tools to use with him at home and I even planned on trying one of those that night. Tabasco baby!!
Ryan has been drooling and mouthing lots of toys and even his fingers (not just his thumb either!) for the last month or so. She mentioned that it could be that he doesn’t realize that he’s drooling and we need to spice things up and wake his mouth up! She gave me a couple ideas last week. Tabasco being one of them, I was making quesadillas for dinner that night….guess what Ryan ate ALL of?!? WITH Tabasco sauce on?!? You got it. At first he didn’t know what the heck it was and continued to pull at his tounge. Once he was used to it though, he loved that quesadilla with Tabasco! My boy loved it. Britney and I sat there in shock….we’re not spicy food eaters! We’ll be trying anything and everything out if the ordinary for Ryan in his mouth as we can. Vibrating tooth brush. Spicy. Crunchy. Sour. Oh the possibilities!! We tried lemon tonight! He kept asking for more of the lemon slices!!

Last but not least, we had OT. I was not impressed with her. I will be requesting the OT we saw for the first appointment yesterday. She was young and had much more patience than the OT we saw at the eval….

I found daycare for Ryan and he will go three days a week so the other two will consist of therapy days…two hours at a time. Ick! We did that for the first time yesterday and our second appointment was cut short due to lack of concentration and annoyance by Ryan that we were even there again.

We have goals set and we’re ready for this first week of appointments to be positive! Only 2 yesterday and we’ll see them all next week!! Here we go crazy busy summer…

Thank you for your continued support for my family and I!



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