Lots of changes happening in this house lately!! One being that both kids are with me fulltime again for the time being. This is great news for me but if I’m totally honest with myself, it makes it much more difficult to get my work done during the day while the kids – especially Ryan – are awake…and by the time they’re in bed, I’m so exhausted I can’t think!

I asked for help from my dear Facebook friends and family with Ryan a few days a week. I had a few people offer to help when I’m in a bind and had others send information of individuals and daycares who have watched their own kids. I don’t let just anyone watch Ryan. I’m very particular and picky. I have that right. I think he deserves the best and I will search for someone who will care for my boy as I would.

I was really excited to meet one woman today, as we talked over the phone first. Her rate was something I could afford and it sounded almost too good to be true. She sounded perfect! I set up to meet her today and things were good but -without this making me sound too snobby or stuck up – not to my standards for my boy. No go.

I went to another place and it went really well. Great staff and support. A curriculum where Ryan would be doing projects and learning and he’d be with a group of kids his age. They want a bit more than the woman…  possibility.

Luckily my job is flexible, but I definitely need to find a place for my mamas boy with this mamas standards!


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