Eye doc!

We went to the eye doctor today!


Went in and saw the orthopist. She looked at his eyes and said they still cross a bit.
Ryan wanted to read instead of having his eyes checked.

She put drops in his eyes and he d did NOT like it!!

We waited 30-45 minutes for the doctor. Dr. Looked at the power of his eyes and let us know his eyes are still healthy.

Dr said he would see us back in a year. Asked if anyone mentioned his cross eyes and said the only way to fix was surgery but didn’t seem too concerned with it as glasses wouldn’t help. I’d think if he was concerned we’d be back sooner than a year…?

615pm and his eyes are still dilated. He fell asleep on the way home this afternoon because his eyes were so sensitive from the bright sun – it was better for him to keep his eyes closed…and he passed out.

We spent the day in the dark living room so he was comfortable. Dilation should go away by tomorrow at 10am. (24 hrs from putting drops in.)

I love this kid!!


Thank you, too, for loving him!


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