Pet scan – here we come!

I received a phone call from a nurse a few days before the pet scan to go over any information I needed to know; Directions for sedation, knowledge of not a lot of activity the day before (he went to the zoo the say before his scan!!), his diet (limit carbs and sugars), what they will do for the pet scan, medication instructions for what Ryan already takes (nothing in the morning), and for the medication they will give him for sedation. The anxiety was growing and I was getting even more nervous!

The last few times Ryan has needed to be sedated, it takes him awhile to wake up afterwards and he’s also vomiting for a good time after…I wasn’t ready to put him through any of it, but this is apparently what was needed to show the doctors he doesn’t need surgery….so we were off.

Our appointment was scheduled for 1030 and we were to be there at 1015 to check in. We left the house at 930 which I thought would be plenty of time for the drive. Two minutes into the drive, Ryan started spitting up a clear green liquid. After my ‘mom brain’ kicked in again, I decided to keep going as Childrens was the best place for him and that’s where we were headed. About 5 minutes from the hospital, Ryan had spit up again and just didn’t seem to have the color he normally does. We were told to skip his morning dose of anti-seizure medication so my worries of him having a seizure on the way to the hospital were even stronger.

We arrived at the hospital with traffic jams because of construction behind us and just in time for our appointment. My sister met us in the lobby of the hospital and our aunt met us in the radiology waiting room….what a blessing to have them there to calm my nerves!

Once we were checked in, a nurse took us back and asked the questions we get before sedation; last time Ryan ate or drank anything? Fever or cold symptoms in the last 24 hours?
I mentioned Ryan spitting up on the way to the hospital when another nurse entered. They both agreed they would talk to the anaesthesiologist to see what she had to say about it. It took about 30 minutes before she came to talk to us and see how Ryan was doing. She decided she would go ahead with the procedure and with the iv would give him some fluid as well. So onward we went.

With Ryan having small rolling veins as it is, (sorry buddy…you got mommys veins!) when he hasn’t had anything to eat it drink in more than 12 hours, the veins are much harder to find. It took 5 pokes in order to get a working IV. And when this one started, it was a good one!! They did his vitals and we were ready to go!

Once the iv was placed, Ryan and I were off to the mobile vehicle where they do the pet scans. I verified some information and the woman put some radioactive dye in his iv. The woman said it would be about 30-45 minutes and they would be ready for us. We waited in a small room and had time to kill…so we had fun!

At first, Ryan wasn’t so sure what we were doing…


Then he was a lion…


After that, anything was up for grabs…






Then the angry cranky and tired faces came ….




And shortly after that, the nurse came and got us to head to the other side of the mobile unit trailer thingy…

Once the anesthesiologist put a little of the sedation in Ryans iv, he started dosing almost instantly. After fighting the final stage of passing out and the Dr realizing it, she gave him more medication, hooked up the fluids in his iv and my baby boy was sleeping and I left him in their hands.



After about ten minutes, Ryan was whisked away to post op and shortly after to recovery where we met back up with the aunts. My sister grabbed some lunch for all of us and I had a cup of ice chips for Ryan. I couldn’t get over his awesome he looked and how good he was doing!



Because we were in day surgeries recovery rooms, we were waiting on the nurse to discharge another patient and then she’d discharge Ryan too. He didn’t mind the wait…he was able to flirt with the nurses and was being served whatever he wanted.

The car ride home was a lot more uneventful than the car ride to the hospital that morning. Ryan passed out and slept almost the whole way home where he would leave and spend the rest of the weekend with his dad.

I received information from his dad at around 7/715 that Ryan wasn’t able to keep anything down and didn’t stop vomiting for about an hour….

Now, we await the results!

Keep praying!!


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  1. Love you Ryan AKA Super Man!!! Praying for positive results.

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