Lions are his favorite at the zoo!

I went with Ryans class to the zoo last week. A beautiful 75° day and so much fun!

I didn’t get many pictures but what I did get were his favorite parts.

A gorilla eating something from next to him in the grass he’s sitting in.




At lunch, he was out of his stroller and found a peacock to chase. Poor peacock!


His favorite glasses. 3D glasses from Oz that big sister went to see with friends. He uses the glasses as sunglasses now.


After lunch, Ryan started to get crabby as he normally naps after lunch. He didn’t want to have anything to do with me…and his little fits surprised his favorite teacher. We love Ms. Julie!!


The lion den was next and Ryans favorite of all of the animals in the whole zoo.  Here, two of his classmates are admiring the lion up on his pedestal with Ryan.


While the lion was sitting on the highest rock that he’d for on, Ryan wandered over to see the tiger which was rubbing up against the class where the kids were on the other side of it admiring her. Ryan loved this and has seen this behavior from his favorite kitty, Rocky…my parents cat.


Then it was back to see what the lion was doing…he was loud and RAWRing (about 10 times!). The last rawr I took a pic and then had to get Ryans reaction to the lions commotion!

image  image

Once the lion was done making his noises, he paced in front of the glass area and stopped in the other end, turned around and just stared at Ryan…for a good 2 minutes!

image      image

And then he got back up on his “throne”.


We spent so much time with the lion that we lost the rest of the group! Whoopsie! We found them pretty quick and headed to the train before we left for home for the day.

The kids absolutely loved the train ride! Another favorite part of the zoo….choo choo!!



And Ryan did not want to leave afterwards….not so favorite part!

image        image

But he finally got his nap on the way home…mommys favorite part for a long day and 45 minute ride back home! 🙂


We’ll more than likely go back to the zoo this summer with Brit. She’d love to see the animals as well!


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  1. Angie

    That is all too cute! From him grinning on the train to even the fit leaving lol 🙂

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