Sunny days and knee scrapes…

It was another beautiful day today! Ryan and I spend a good hour or two playing…so far we have managed to get some of the tunnels and Playhuts out from last year and put them on the trampoline. He didn’t enjoy them as much up there as I thought he would have. I had a good time watching him.


Soon after, it was time to take a ride to the mailbox. He found his Highlights magazine in it!


He spent a great amount of time reading the new stories of camping and picnics! We saw and looked at the silly things in a picture at the beach and water. Ryan especially liked the dog on a surf board on the biggest wave.

Once he lost his balance with his hand stuck in the chair and a good scrap on his knee, it was time to come in for some lunch and down time.


We hope you’re enjoying your sunny days as much as we are!



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