He gets it!

At different times in life, all children will just get it…for Ryan – it’s been a lot later in life.

For the last couple weeks, he’s been gasping when something happens that alerts him…

Recently, we’ve watched Finding Nemo…At the beginning of the movie when Marlin and Coral’s home is attacked, Ryan gasped…and not just a small breath in…but a big GASP with an excited look on his face like something happened. And something DID happen.
He gets it.

SAMSUNGHis cup falls to the floor during a meal and he gasps. He has a look of disappointment on his face because he wants a drink and his cup was now on the floor and he can’t reach it.
He gets it.

The window in the living room is open and he hears a big truck pass. He gasps and looks toward the window wondering what that sound was.
He gets it.

We’re outside taking a walk and another woman is walking her dog and he gasps and points. (Ryan loves animals)
He gets it.

On said walk, a bird is in the grass next to us as we’re walking by, and he looks at it as it flies away – and he gasps.
He gets it!

It’s been said that special kiddos take longer to show a reaction or empathy, and be sympathetic towards things. I think this is just the start…and I’m loving it!

Thank you for being apart of our journey!


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