Happy Spring!


My boy absolutely loves the water. He didn’t always, but now a days, he can’t wait for his next bath and sunny day to be out in the back yard playing.

Last year, I got him the water table he still enjoys playing with. We added a few new balls and toys and he is in love still. He is however getting a little tall and has to slouch and sometime bend down to play in it at times…but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to play with it!


Its pretty humorous to watch when he realizes he has grass on his little feets too. He will stand there looking at the grass and complain a little but then go right back to playing in the water like the grass never phased him in the first place.

While Ryans playing in his water table, every once in a while, he’ll want to join his sister in the outdoor activities she’s partaking in….which normally consist of the trampoline. Today was so nice, we had the sprinkler on it! (The water pressure isn’t enough to make it from the ground under the thing and through the trampoline mat.) Brit really enjoys the water, as long as she is in control of where its going and coming from.


Overall, its been a great evening with the kiddos and we are all looking forward to an awesome summer in the water and sun!

Thank you for being apart of our lives.


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