It’s a – Whats wrong with this picture – kind of post.

Whats wrong with this picture?


Cute…isn’t he?

It could be that he’s only wearing 1 sock. (He seriously takes one off and leaves the other on…)
It could be the mess behind him of all of his toys. (Can’t ever have everything picked up for more than 5 minutes when he’s fully awake…)
It could be his hair as he’s in need of a hair cut…majorly!

But what I particularly like the best, is his chair is empty…and he’s sitting in a small storage box where we keep some of his toys.


Look at this one for a better look.


He’ll read me a story. In a box. With only one sock on…ANY day!

And I love it!


As for the hair cut – it would have been done by now but this is what we have going on outside and I am NOT going out there til it settles and the plows have been out a bit longer.


Maybe tomorrow….


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