Complete and utter SHOCK!

When I started thinking about trying to make it to the conference, I thought I was dreaming. Big. Time. Dreaming. I thought there was no way I’d be able to find the money to drive across country to Savannah Georgia, to go to a conference to learn more about my son’s abnormality.

It took me at least a month to post something about it because I didn’t want you, our readers, friends, family, to believe I wanted a free ride for a vacation. I had to let go of that pride. I prayed for it to be gone. I prayed for acceptance in what I thought and think my children and I really need…more information on Ryan’s 18q Chromosome. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have enough money to go to this conference…and within two months?! I can’t believe it…and I thought having the hotel rooms booked would make it sink in even more, but I don’t even know if that has helped it sink.

I’m in shock. I’m thankful.
I’m unbelievably honored.
I’m grateful.
I’m in awe of everyone’s hearts.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Thank you for the incredible offering to pay for our registration for the conference.
Thank you to those that have emptied their coin purses into an M&M container for us to add to our 5-gallon jug.
Thank you for the unbelievable offering to pay for our hotel room the week of the conference.
Thank you to those who sent or handed me a check randomly to go towards our trip to Savannah.
Thank you for the prayers and thoughts, emails and messages you have sent us.
Thank you to those who donated through paypal and helped us raise the money we need and have for this trip.

GOD has truly blessed my children and I with some pretty amazing people in our lives…….THANK YOU GOD!

So let me put this into perspective for myself a minute…I’m in a bit of shock!

The first time I put it out there that we’re fundraising for the conference: 12/4/12.
From then until now – it’s been 51 days…
In 51 days, with YOUR help, and support – our amazing family and friends – we have the following:

Cost of registration for the 3 of us – Check
Gas to Savannah – Check.
Hotel on the way to Savannah – Check.
Hotel in Savannah – Check.
Gas from Savannah – Check.
Hotel on the way from Savannah – Check.

I can not put into words how completely thankful and grateful we are for ALL of you.

My thoughts, prayers, and friendship is there now and always for each of you.



Any money that we receive, will continue to go into Ryan’s account and we will donate it directly to the Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society.


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