Night with Britney!

On a night I wasn’t supposed to have the kids at all, I was able to have time with just Britney. It’s VERY rare that we have time JUST the girls…so we took well advantage of it!

I picked her up from school and we headed to Kohl’s for some retail therapy. I had some Kohl’s cash to use – Britney got a few tops (All from the sales rack…she’s definitely my girl!) and we found a really cute sun dress for my nieces’ birthday that is coming up in the next week and a half. After Brit finally decided what she wanted and just had to have, we headed to dinner at – her choice – Chili’s.

We had a great time catching up, talking about how school was going, her friends, how much fun we were having just us, how weird it was Ryan wasn’t with us, and just having girl time. Something I wish we had more of. After our tummy’s were full, we headed to my parents house as Britney had a project she needed my dads help with. We spent an hour or so over there and I told them the great news!

Britney was just as excited as I was…I hadn’t told her yet either! She burst into tears!! She ran over to me and hugged me so tight. After she caught her breath, she told me she was just so happy! She told me she was excited to be able to learn more about Ryan and Chromosome 18 abnormalities and to learn from the other siblings of kids with Ch18. Britney was SO happy!!

My mom will be joining us along with a wonderful family friend who’s been with us for almost every single doctors appointments at Children’s since I’ve been taking Ryan. Their support and unconditional love in helping me with all that single moms of special needs children go through is unbelievable.

Since then, we’ve received M&M containers, an offer to pay for our registration for the conference itself, and paypal donations to put towards our trip.



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