Change it up….everywhere!

A friend of mine, who lives in another part of the country said there wasn’t anything she could help contribute, but asked if she could help the kids and I in our fundraising efforts some other way. After thinking about it, its totally possible!!!!!

So, if you’re wanting to help with our fundraising efforts – maybe you’re unable to give yourself but you want to help in some way, this post is for YOU!

Word of mouth is HUGE: Tell people about this amazing boy you know or have heard about. And that it’s not JUST Ryan who has a Chromosome 18 Abnormality! There are LOTS of kiddos and adults who have a Ch18 abnormality. Share this blog, or one of the posts on our fundraising efforts on your Facebook page. Word of mouth is the BEST advertising. The more that know about Chromosome 18, the sooner we’ll have more information to help other families, and mine, about Chromosome 18 and all that it entails. THANK YOU!

Pray: Continue to keep my family and I in your thoughts and prayers. Any and all are so appreciative! I truly believe in the power of prayer… THANK YOU!

You know the Change is Good fundraiser we have going?
ANYONE can do this for us!:
1. Go to Walmart.
2. Buy some mega tubes of mini M&Ms. (They are between $1-$1.24 each)
3. Print out the following information in a word document:

Please help change our lives to learn more
at the 20th Chromosome 18 Conference
in Savannah, GA in July 2013!

* Eat the M&M’s in this container.
* When the M&M’s are completely gone,
please refill the container with

quarters or whatever you are able to give,
no matter how big or small, and return it to us!

Please help us make CHANGE matter!
For more information, visit:

4. Cut and tape the above on the mega tube! (or use address labels and print them out on them)
5. Hand out the mega tubes.
6. What you get back, open and place in a jar or container.
(Mega tubes hold $22 in quarters!)
7. Pay yourself back for the cost of the mini M&Ms.
8. With the remaining money from the tubes you receive back, take them to the bank, have them make a money order, and send it to me – OR – put it in your account and paypal it to me:
(Email me for my address if you decide to send a money order.)

For those that decide to do this, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, your help getting our story out there is VERY appreciative!! THANK YOU!


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