Sleep aid?

When we were in the hospital in August for 2 weeks, we changed medications. We changed to one that causes hyperactivity – so the doctors suggested putting Ryan on melatonin to help him fall asleep at night since the last dose at 430pm could still be in his system by bedtime and cause him to NOT want to go to sleep.

I talked to his dad about it, and we’ve decided to give it a serious go in trying to take him totally off of the melatonin.

Ryan has been taking 4mL’s for the last 6 months, every night. On Friday, he didn’t get a nap…lil bugger had me trying to get him down for 2 hours! I figured after not sleeping very well the night before, he’d be ready for a nap, but he had other plans. I gave him what I had left of the melatonin on Friday night – 2mL’s. He slept for 2 hours and was up a few times the rest of the night. It was a long night. Saturday, he slept for an hour or so. Saturday night, he slept for 10 hours, getting down really easy. Tonight – it’s a different story – he slept for 2 hours this afternoon. Tonight, he won’t even stay in bed for more than 2 minutes. It’s like he’s got this boost of energy that just won’t go away and it’s been almost 8 hours since his last dose of anti-seizure/hyperactivity side effect medication.

I’m tired.

After 4 hours of the up and down, back and forth to the bedroom and living room and bedroom and living …bed……. – in between folding 5 baskets of laundry at the slowest pace possible because of the up and down of getting Ryan back to bed…I’m exhausted and hope he is too. We’re watching How to Train your Dragon. His favorite “before bed” movie so I can get some work done. And I’m taking an extra ten minutes to type this up too of course! 🙂

This kid is going to bed. And he’s going to sleep. AND he’s going to school in the morning. And after school, he’ll nap!!! Then after an hour, I’ll wake him up…because if I don’t wake him up, he won’t sleep for his dad tomorrow night. And I know how frustrating it is.

I hope we can do this. Get him on a schedule falling asleep again without any help with medication, drugs, whatever you want to call it.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Know of anything that would help sleep (instead of melatonin) if this is how he’s going to be without it? Think tea would help? Sleepytime tea? Chamomile? Anything that won’t have THIS for effects if he doesn’t have it all of a sudden?

OHHHHH Yawns!! He’s yawning…. I’m taking advantage of it and putting the lil dude to sleep so I can too!

(I apologize if this is short and sweet and may not make sense. I’m pooped!)


My baby boy….getting sleeeeeeepy!


Went to bed and Ryan passed out 30 minutes later. This morning – he didn’t want to wake up for school and cried when he got on the bus. Was in tears by the time the bus was pulling away. Not the way I want to see him leaving for the day, but he’ll get his nap this afternoon…just not a long one!

Hah! 🙂


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