Gas… Check!

I sent out an email to those that have donated to us last year for the Epilepsy Walk we did in honor of Ryan…and with their help, we have raised enough money for gas to get to and from the conference with a night in a hotel…(it’s a 14-16 hour drive).

My kids and I have a 5-gallon jug in our kitchen that we put any coins we find around the house, in the car, anywhere – in it! It actually used to be the “swear/attitude” jar that we started last year. Crap is an example of the apparent swear words Britney would catch me saying…and because of them, I’d have to put a quarter in the jar. If I caught her giving me attitude, she’d have to put a quarter in the jar. We’ve turned that jar, into a 5-gallon jug and whenever I clean out the car, my wallet, coin purse, the laundry, whatever – I put the money in the jug – regardless of what type of money it is. Britney counted that money the other day – there was $64 in bills – and over $100 in coins. We have another night in a hotel, plus some money towards gas while we’re there – or the hotel while we’re there – or the cost of the conference itself for us – or money toward the events that happen in the evenings with the conference attendees!

We have 6 more months to fundraise for the rest of the trip! 🙂


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