Furniture on the side…

So apparently it’s rough getting off of melatonin after you’re used to it for 6 months. But it’s especially more difficult for Ryan to fall asleep in the evening with a nap! A day he decided to fight taking a nap, all. day. long. he decided to be a little beast, not being happy with ANYTHING I tried.

We tried different snacks. We tried putting different movies and cartoons on the TV. We tried playing with Ryan with different toys…Nope! Nothing. Ryan was a MONSTER!

In my frustration, I decided to vacuum the living room floor – and put our coffee table up on the couch sideways.
(I clean when I’m frustrated, ok? Don’t judge!)

SAMSUNGWhen all else fails…I will remember this one: Turn furniture on the side! See what happens!
(I tried to put a blanket over the sideways coffee table, and Ryan didn’t want any part of that…I’m sure that time is coming at some point! FORTS! Yay!)

Now that I look at the picture without the frustration in me, I see such an awesome boy who is definitely NOT a monster!


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