Seizures …suck!

Picture me this:
I get Ryan and Brit on the bus headed to their schools on Friday, November 9, 2012…Britney knew she would see her dad and I both for the Veterans day program just an hour after the bus picked her up. I’d be home in time for Ryan’s bus to drop him at home after he was done with school.

I get ready for the 9am program and head into the school, then the gym finding a seat in the front row. Its 5 minutes to 9 and my phone rings…its Ryan’s school. I answer hoping ts something small and they need information about something.

Wrong. Its the nurse. She says when Ryan got off the bus, (he normally walks to his classroom) he didn’t want to walk this morning…he seemed really off so the aide took him right to the nurses office. She said when he got to her office, he didn’t seem right…She said she took his jacket off and set him down watching TV…then I could tell her thoughts wandered and she said, “He’s seizing….”

I told her I would be there shortly…

At the same time all of this was going on, I saw Ryan and Britney’s dad walking to find a seat in the gym. I rushed over to him and told him what was going on real quick. I told him to stay for the program (he’s a Vet) take pictures and I’d keep him posted as to what was going on…then ran to my car to get to Ryan’s school.

Once there, someone was already at the front door ready to open it so I didn’t have to go through the office…be buzzed in and all that jazz. I ran to the nurse’s office where I saw my Ry-guy laying down on the little bench/bed they have a few of. He was out of it. The nurse told me she called the ambulance after giving him the Diastat (medication that helps stop him from continuing to seize). Luckily the hospital was just next door (literally) and the ambulance was there within 5 minutes.

When the ambulance got there, the nurse told the EMT’s what happened…I piled into the ambulance with Ryan and the EMT’s and took the short trip to the ER – Ryan had another small seizure in the ambulance – and we were in the ER for about 4 hours.

Ryan had a series of 3 or 4 (depending on if he had a seizure on the bus or not) seizures that morning. The Diastat normally conks him out to where he wants to sleep for a good amount of time – but this time, he was only out of it for about an hour it seemed. The rest of the time in the ER was spent playing with Ryan as the nurses brought a bunch of toys and balls for him to play with. We shared a room in the ER (blocked with only a curtain) with an 86 year old woman after the first hour and a half having the room to ourselves. She and her daughter didn’t much appreciate the excited screams and the ball rolling on their side of the curtain…all I cared about was my Ryan was getting back to himself again!

After a few hours in the ER – we were on our way home. We waited on a call from the Neuro team at Children’s on what to do next – with his medication – and called it a day. We ended up increasing the medication from 3mL/2mL/1mL to 3mL/2mL/2mL…which meant an extra hyperactive lil dude for the first day or two after the increase. That night was a bit difficult getting him to sleep…which is to be expected.


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