Shaving cream FUN!

A night with the kids can and did turn into some sensory fun with shaving cream the eve of Halloween.

When Ryan was admitted to the EMU back in August for a long term EEG, my sister fulfilled my request and brought me a razor and shaving cream. Since then, I know how much Ryan enjoys playing with the fun, pleasant smelling shaving cream. So the night before Halloween, the night before they’ll be headed with their dad for more than just a weekend, I decided to get the good ole’ cream out! Ryan needed a bath anyways, so we made a mess beforehand and it was much easier to clean up in the long run!

(And much easier to clean up in the tub than in a hospital room!)
(I’ll get that post up soon. Promise.)

Here are some fun pictures of the night in the tub with shaving cream:

Check out that smile!! He was sliding all over the place but loved it.Looks fancy doesn’t he?

He had such a blast with the shaving cream! At first he was testing the boundaries, it seemed; Put a little cream on the side of the tub, looked at me, and as I looked at him with a grin on my face, I helped him rub it in. He added some to the wall, then his chin, forehead, and the rest of his body. Britney saw how much fun we were having, so she decided to hop in and join in on the fun!

I put some shaving cream on her face, and Ryan wanted to help…

Ryan ended up being a slippery mess. Perfect ending to a great day and he smelt amazing in the end.

We’ll definitely be having another shaving cream tub party!



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