Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

I didn’t have the kids for trick or treat this year, so we dropped by my parents the day before with the kids all dressed up. Ryan wore his costume from the time he woke up from his nap to the time we got back from my parents house; to include a trip to our local Walmart in between. Enjoy the pictures!


Superman found the perfect hat for himself. Literally – there were 15-20 hats to choose from and he picks this one. Smart little man!


Visiting Papa for some yummy candy. Thanks Papa!


Brit as Batgirl – she decided against this costume.

After a hard days work – these super heros are pooped.


Instead of Batgirl – Brit decided to wear her poodle skirt from last year again this year. Here’s her photo shoot!

Enjoy the fun pictures. We had a blast taking them.


Ryan loved the photo shoot too! He was in awe of his big sister and how beautiful she looked in all her pink glory.

The kids went around their cousin’s neighborhood and had a blast. Ryan stood strong, walked independently to each door and with the biggest smile on his face would grab a piece of candy at each door they went trick or treating to.

For next year, we have a few Halloween costumes to choose from already for Ryan. We’ll see what fits him then.


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