Oscar the Grouch mishaps…

Earlier in the week, I painted Britney’s nails. They were awesome! We had other ideas, but we’ll try those another time. Ryan saw that I was painting Brit’s nails and took his sock off and lifted his leg for me to paint his toenails. I painted his big toe, but that was it. Then he put his hand down on the table just as Brits was…I painted one finger.

Here’s what Britney’s looked like.


She LOVED them…and so did her friends at school! Her best friend came over after dinner and we painted hers the same way. We talked about how next time we’re going to make Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch and this time we would have done a different character for each finger but didn’t have dark green for Oscar.

I had to run to the store today so while I was there, I looked at dark green nail polish. I picked one up along with the rest of my items. Once I was home and put everything away, I didn’t see or put the nail polish away. I figured it probably had fallen out of the bag in the back seat and I’d get it later.

After dinner, we all hopped in the car to take Britney to a church event, and after I was done buckling Ryan in, I found the nail polish for Oscar! I made sure the top was on tight and handed it to him. Once Brit was all settled in the car, I told her I got something for her today so we could do Oscar after she was done with her Elmo’s. I told her Ryan had it and to ask him to see. She asked him…then her and I discussed when we both thought Elmo would be old enough to take all of them off.

Shortly after that, I smelt nail polish…I asked Brit if she was starting early and opened the green nail polish. She denied it and said Ryan still had the nail polish. CRAP!

Wearing black pants, sitting in a black covered car seat, wearing a black long sleeved shirt, and having light skin, the only thing I worried about was his skin and getting it off of him safely…if it was possible! Once Britney was dropped off, I took the nail polish away from Ryan and tried to clean him up a bit getting a bunch of the nail polish off him…and more on me!

We got home, I stripped him and this is what I had on my bathroom counter:


Once I got more off of him, it was bath time…

He looks a LOT better than he did right after the pants and shirt were taken off, but still looks a bit moldy. Hah.

I think we even have enough of the green nail polish left to do some Oscar the Grouch finger nails! 🙂



I did call poison control about his skin and possibly getting it in his mouth. Nail polish is non toxic and they recommended a light snack and fluids. As for getting it off his skin – soap, water, and time. Yes. He’ll look moldy for awhile. Hah!


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